So how many of you sat down at 9pm last night to watch Broadchurch? I am just gripped to this show, it is something I wish could be a daily soap that I can watch all the time. Not just 8 episodes per season, it really isn’t enough. I love the storyline, the characters, the acting, the landscape, the camera angles, the music, the mood of the entire show is just amazing. This week ended on a particularly good cliffhanger… spoiler alert so beware!


We are left thinking a lot of things this week. Did you end up debating the ending of this episode with your partner? I did. Hubby thought it was going to reveal the verdict but I was convinced, for good TV, it would be the cliffhanging moment… and it was! I anticipate everyone on the planet tuning in for next Monday’s episode at 9pm, ITV better be prepared for the surge in viewings. I cannot believe it will be the final episode of season two and I really hope they make a third.

Right, where was I? We were left thinking about a lot this week. I think in some cases though, lids were closed and obviously in others they are still very obviously open. A few things caught my attention this week:

  • Lee’s comment about France, is there someone waiting in France for him? Is Lisa still alive in France? Or is she very much in that incinerator in the factory. Where are forensics by the way? Shouldn’t they be all over that factory. The scene on the beach when Claire and Lee fight, is fantastic. It had me totally gripped last night.
  • Claire giving that necklace to Alec, to me, signafies that she didn’t kill those girls. We found out last week that she stole the necklace out of the Alecs wifes car, but this week we found out it was her Grandmothers. So it was dear to her, which explains her pinching it back. But the question still remains why on earth did she give it to the girl in the first place? I wouldn’t give the necklace back to Alec if I had of killed those girls. There is definitely a secret between Claire and Lee, as they both suggested this week they are sharing each others secrets.
  • I think that Claire was having an affair with the girls father Guiseppe, and Lee was clearly having an affair with Kate too. Not sure if the father is involved with the murder yet, or just lusting after Claire, hence the bluebell.
  • I do think Joe will be found guilty, they played up too much to the defence last night. They made it look like the jury were considering the defence and mentioned nothing of prosecution. So I think that was to deter our thoughts. Perhaps. But he is guilty. Surely. Why would you confess and then take it back? Why would you not defend yourself in court? At all? Even if advised from your lawyers! If I was innocent I would be wanting to scream it from the rooftops no matter what! I hope the jurors have taken that into consideration.
  • My only questions regarding that case now are – did someone help Joe with the death of Danny? Or did he act alone? And what is the deal with Susan Wright? She seems very peculiar and I am not sure if she is more involved in the dark side to Broadchurch than meets the eye.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think?

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  • Kim Carberry
    Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    I screamed at the TV when it finished last night…..I just knew they would end it like that….
    I cannot wait until the last episode next week x

  • Rebecca Phillips
    Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    I loved it! I screamed ‘no!’ at the TV! So excited for next week.