Noah and Isla recieved a wonderful, classic, collection of wooden toys from BRIO, including the firefighter set and rescue boat. They are fabulous wooden toys that can be joined up to many other sets. You can build a huge wooden city out of the tracks and vehicles. The limit is just imagination! 

We were sent two items from BRIO, the firefighter set and the rescue boat. There is a firefighter theme and a rescue theme on the BRIO website where you can look at the collections and purchase the bits for each theme. 

Firefighter set 



The firefighter set, costs £39.99 and comes with plenty of wooden track, a docking station for filling up with fuel and water. The fire truck has real sirens and lights, which is fantastic when you are playing as a child. Noah was so happy when he discovered the button to set them off. The hose winds up and you can use it to put out the fire, it is quite real and encourages development of fine motor skills. 

Rescue boat


The rescue boat, costs £14.99, it comes with a truck and wagon. The wagon is for carrying the boat along the track. Noah used his imagination and took the boat off to the pretend shore as the forest surrounding it had caught fire! He also sent the fire truck with its sirens blaring along too. It all joins together with the firefighter set and can be used to expand the playset into a larger rescue set. 

Noah spends a lot of time arranging the track and then playing rescue operations with the various vehicles. He includes his other toys into the mix too, they are usually the things that need rescuing. I love classic toys like this and it seems, they really are classics. 



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