One thing that is important to me is making an atmosphere, that WOW factor, without breaking the bank. Do you remember the Unicorn party theme I created a few years back? Thankfully my little lady is easily pleased so I can do that quite easily! Here are my top tips on creating a birthday party fit for a princess, including cakes, balloons and that all important table cloth!

Bake your own cake

Decorate it with what your little girl loves. Isla is big into unicorns and mermaids. So I had a look on Pinterest and found the mermaid tail idea. So I made it. It took me hours but Isla absolutely adored it and it was nice to have a creative moment that Isla loved. I will be honest Daddy did the baking, I did the decorating! Team work 👊🏻

Finding the perfect tablecloth

We’ve had table cloths in the past that you throw away after one use, completely insane. I now won’t buy anything less than pvc. It’s durable, easy to clean, comfortable to lean on and comes in many patterns. I love this sweetie design from Terry’s Fabrics as I thought we could use it for many other occasions. It looks fab with all of the pinkness for the party!

A numbered balloon for the birthday party

My kiddies have come to expect this now, a balloon in the shape of their age. I’ve done it since they were babies. It looks fun in the corner of the room by the birthday table! Also it looks great sitting amongst other balloon designs. This year I went for a pink 7, last year I had a rose gold 6 – it was quite beautiful!

Something different for a party bag

I love making sure the kiddies go home with cool and fun items in their party bags. But this year I went for something very different, a party box! The kids loved it. It came with environmentally friendly goodies and there was plenty of space to add some sweets/chocolate. I labelled them all and tied them with string. It worked well. These are from Zoomzys. They are eco-friendly party favours in a box and cost ยฃ8.99 pre-filled, which is a great price considering the average party bag price is ยฃ5. And everyone wants to get rid of plastics so this is a brilliant “green” option! When the children have large parties, I can’t afford ยฃ5 per child, if you imagine 21 children for a party that’s a lot of money. We had 3 children over this year and the pre-filled party boxes from Zoomzys were perfect.

Do you have any other fab ideas on how to make a WOW factor for a little girls birthday party, on a budget? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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