Is there anything worse than trying to find a gift for the person who has everything on earth? We’ve all got at least one of these people in our lives, and as their birthdays loom a sense of dread starts to fill the air, “What the heck do I buy them this year?”.

You’ve tried the gift cards but know they’ve just gone to waste, you’ve tried buying something you think they’ll love only to be dreadfully disappointed, and you’ve tried asking them what they’d like but you get the same answer each time, “I don’t mind.”

So just what do you buy those fussy people in your life? And how do you make sure your gift doesn’t end up in the bin, at the charity shop or back at the store you bought it from? 

Here are some great ideas: 

Buy Them an Experience

If you and this person often go out for meals together or you’ve been to the spa a couple of times, why not buy them this type of experience this year (or contribute towards it)? 

Focusing on the activities you do together (and you know you both enjoy) will allow you to gift them something you know they’ll get a lot of pleasure out of. Even if your loved one doesn’t eat out much or doesn’t pamper themselves, who doesn’t enjoy a good meal at a restaurant or a relaxing day at the spa? 

This idea also works if your friend or relative has a hobby. You can buy them an experience day (i.e. a fishing ticket for their local lake) or something that’ll help them carry out their hobby (i.e. a new pack of wool for their knitting projects). 

Put All Your Effort into the Card

If the thought of buying said person a gift is bringing you out in hives – stop right there. 

Why are you letting this stress you out so much? 

It’s highly likely your loved one knows they’re incredibly fussy and they’d probably much rather get money from everyone so they can fuss over their next purchase. 

Money in a card, though, it’s so boring, isn’t it? 

Well, yes, it can be. But if you put lots of effort into the card you’re buying, they’ll appreciate this. From choosing a gorgeous design to writing a heartfelt message in the card, there are so many ways you can make their birthday card stand out from the crowd. 

Make Them Laugh

Finally, if all else fails, just buy them something that’ll make them laugh. This could be something simple such as a photo of a funny moment you’ve had together, or a joke present that they’ll appreciate (especially when they know just how hard they are to buy for!). 

Don’t dread buying someone fussy a gift this year. Rather, be creative, be brave, be bold and be you – and they’re sure to love it! 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 21st May 2019