Engagement gifts for couples living together aim to make their lives easier. This is especially if they have kids or plan for some. Engagement presents for couples living together will go a long way to upgrade their home. One may also gift these couples with lifetime experiences, instead of traditional gifts. 

Now, what is a good engagement gift in this situation? These kinds of gifts must be inclusive of the kids (if any). They must also be useful, durable and solve one or more needs. Now, you’re thinking, “how does one determine such gifts?” Make your job easier by checking out this post for best engagement gift ideas. 

Ping pong game

This is one of the best engagement gifts for couples, especially if they have kids. A very affordable bonding tool between parents to kids and husband to wife. The whole family can play this game. And if the couple doesn’t have kids yet, they can bond over a game of ping pong. 

Convenient bedtime kit

This doubles as gifts for newly pregnant couple as it is for newlyweds. Make sleep time more fun and comfortable, especially for the pregnant bride. A full kit of his and her sleep robes, fluffy blankets, sleep masks, and beddings rock. Buy the cozy ones that give the feeling of paradise when in them. The couples will sleep in comfort and wake up every day re-energized. And having them in his and her; is a way to bond. 

Go Pro camera

An engaged couple living together and planning kids need a go pro camera. There are lots of awesome moments to capture. And if they have kids already, even better. Every milestone is a memory to preserve and cherish. The go pro camera is one of the best engagement gifts for these unique couples for a few reasons. Their batteries are long-lasting, easy navigation and compatible with kids. Again, they are water resistant, so there’s no fear of damages. 

A getaway

When was the last time the engaged couple took time off and went somewhere nice? It’s possible they want to do that but can’t afford it. Give them an engagement treat by sending them off on a weekend romantic getaway. This is for those who have no kids yet. Again, you must have a personal relationship with the couple to do this. 

If the couple has kids, a family bonding trip will do a lot for the couple. Sponsor a family trip to somewhere with activities for adults and kids. The experience will be unforgettable. 

Potted plants

This is one of the good engagement gifts you can gift a couple living together. They serve for aesthetic purposes wherever they’re placed. The porch, by the windows, in the lounge, anywhere. It can also serve as herbs or spices, depending on what the plants are. One more thing is that, if the couple loves to garden, this is a great start. Throw in some seedlings for the couple and kids to tend. As the years go, the plants grow and they’d remember you with fondness. 


This makes some of the best engagement gifts for couples living together and planning for kids. They could have dinnerware, but those are the ones from college days. Dinnerware is a standard on even wedding registries. So, gift them dinnerware that stands out. From deep bowls to saucers, flatware to everything fanciful. Help them start great married life with a worthy dining experience. 

Engagement photo album

This is a sentimental and heartfelt engagement gift for a couple. Grab all the candid shots of the couple’s life up until the engagement. If they have kids, include them in the picture. Make these pictures into an album. Secure it in a gift box and present it to the couple on their engagement. They’ll treasure the memory of that gesture for the rest of their lives. 

Surprise gift boxes

These are great engagement presents for couples who you are close to. This is because you’d know what they love doing and other preferences. Make them look forward to each day by gifting them surprise boxes. This could go on for a week or month. Chocolates for the family, a private dinner for two. Wines to celebrate, a box full of fruits, and so on. You’d make the couple expectant and pleasantly surprised for that period. 

We have a list of eight engagement gifts for couples living together. They are useful, heartfelt, budget friendly, and durable.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 4th June 2019