I love making gifts for people, whether that is crochet or paper craft. I thought I could extend this to Easter and make some cool gifts using photos. We love taking photos and I love turning them into gifts for special people. Finding the perfect prints online is essential as you want to find somewhere that can print a range of products. You can make anything really, from cushions with photos on them to photo books, or craft up something yourself.

Photo glass jars

I love the idea of having a family photo glowing on the fireplace through the candlelight. I saw the idea on Our Best Bites and such a great Easter idea too. You can use sticker paper to print out your favourite photo and stick it onto a jar. Use your favourite candle inside the jar and voila.

Photo washing line

In our old house we printed out square photos and pegged them to a piece of string that we hung on the living room wall. It looked really effective and it was a nice way of showcasing our favourite photos – we could change it when we wanted, easily, so it’s a customisable option too. We used hessian string, craft pegs and square photos to achieve this simple look.

Heart photo collage

I love the idea of photo collage in the shape of a heart, it is such a great idea and really easy to create. Decide on your photos carefully and get them printed out in the “instant” format. So it looks like a polaroid style snap. This looks really effective when you put it all together in the shape of a heart. Glue the photos in place using a glue gun and find the perfect frame to sit around your beautiful collage.

Personalised box of chocolates

What better than to give the gift of yummy chocolate at Easter but also making it a personalised treat. This simple idea is to buy a yummy box of chocolates. Paint the exterior of the box in one colour, a nice yellow or green for Easter. then glue a collage of photos onto the top of the chocolate box. Or print one large photo for a real wow effect.

Mason jar treats

I love mason jars. They are great fun to personalise and use for gifts. Using the jars you can fill them with sweets or mini chocolate eggs. Then slip a photo inside the jar, so it sits on the outside. So from one side of the mason jar you can see the sweets and on the other side you can see the photo. Write a little Easter message on a label and tie it around the jar lid, to give it that extra personalisation.

I would love to know what your favourite photo craft gift has been in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 27th March 2019