The best gifts for Father’s Day during lockdown

Usually we would spend the day with family, doing something lovely all together and obviously this year it is not quite the same. In order for the kiddies to see their Grandad, it means Nanny & Grandad have to come over to ours and sit in the garden and that means he cannot see his other children. It’s so hard as I feel families are being forced to choose who they want to spend these special occasions with. So, at the moment I am not sure if we are spending the day on our own or with the kiddies Grandad. What are you doing? Here are some fun gift ideas for a Father’s Day during lockdown. 

The Immunity box from fourfive 

We love the immunity box from fourfive, it is a limited edition box worth over £100 and is on sale for £39.99. In this bundle you get CBD multivitamin tablets, advanced daily biotic, raw organic cacao powder, vitamin c complex, vegan vitamin d3, peanut choc protein bar and food-grown KSM-66 Ashwagandha plus. To top if off if you buy this box they donate £5 to Compassion London which help to provide meals to vulnerable people and keyworkers. It’s such a great idea and perfect for the vitamin conscious Father during lockdown. 


Harry Potter Collectible Cards 

This is perfect for Potterheads! The collectors edition Harry Potter playing card set is just £29.99 from Hamleys and Amazon. The collectors set of playing cards includes 8 desks of exclusive playing cards. There are only 10,000 printed, so any owner of these cards will be very lucky, there is a certificate of authenticity too. Each pack within the deck has magical movie stills for Kings, Queens and Jacks and each deck of cards celebrates different Harry Potter adventures. It really is a great idea. Albeit, I just want to frame them all! 

Harry Potter Cards

Personalised Chocolates 

Morse toad have some wonderful, personalised, gift ideas for Father’s Day. Like these chocolate photo gifts: not only do you get a yummy bar of chocolate, with a nice message for Daddy, it prints a photo and puts it in a frame for a lovely keepsake too. You can buy the box of chocolates for little over £10 and just under £20 with the frame and delivery. It’s a great idea for lockdown, especially if you haven’t seen your loved one for many weeks. I can’t wait to see Hubby’s face when he sees his rather special chocolates from the kiddies. I chose the perfect photo for it too! 

Morse Toad

Favourite aftershave 

Aftershave is always a winner with Daddy for Father’s Day, this Hugo Boss Bottled Night is just perfect too as it’s currently £29.99 from Studio. It smells amazing, it’s quite intense and spicy which smells really nice. At least Daddy will smell brilliant after he’s done all of his activities!


Top up the Gin cupboard 

We do love our Gin in this household and we loved the Holy Island Gin. This dry gin has been crafted to capture the spirit of the high tide using both the most traditional distilling methods and the vapour infusion to deliver a flavour profile loved by locals and visitors of the seabourne settlement. Orange peel and nutmeg have been delicately infused to create a perfect balance of sweet and spice. You can grab a bottle from Holy Island Gin for £22. 

Holy Island Gin

Something to wear on Father’s Day during lockdown 

I always get Hubby something to wear for Father’s Day, I am not sure why. I love seeing him wear clothes that I have chosen. Shhhhh… the kiddies have chosen. Isla chose this lovely Lyle and Scott pink coloured tee from Studio. It is a simple tee that works with lots of bottoms and it’s a great price for £20. As Hubby is very active, he gets through a lot of clothes throughout the week and so it’s nice to have a good change of clothes for him. 


An alcohol free cocktail

If Daddy isn’t a big drinker then this Zing & Zest from Amplify is a great gift idea. You serve it with a tonic or you can make your own non-alcoholic cocktails. Containing low sugar levels, no caffeine and at only 27 calories per 50ml of Amplify, it’s the ideal alternative. Pops of ginseng, earthy juniper and lemongrass provide a slight bitter edge. I think it’s a delicious idea, especially if Daddy is on a health kick.


The Binge Watch Guide

And for the Daddy that loves to watch box sets, The Binge Watch Guide is a perfect gift idea. From Game of Thrones to The Sopranos, older and brand new TV shows are listed in this book. This is a great idea to see your way through lockdown as you can tick them off as you go. Each double page has a TV show telling you a little snippet and important things like how many seasons and episodes per season. Such a great book idea!

The Binge Watch Guide

Do you have any fab ideas for Father’s Day during lockdown for Daddy? If so, I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant


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The best gifts for Father’s Day during lockdown

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