Having children is one of the joys of life. Literally, the fruits of your labour will one day stop being that little bundle of joy in the cot sleeping so soundly and be a growing child bounding around. Its part of growing up to not know your strength, and that’s what playing around is all about. Children get to be free and learn what they’re capable of and how much fun it is to be a little carefree. The rough and tumble of play are best reserved for outside the house and in the garden. 

However, this does mean that you’ve let an energetic child out to do mostly what they want in the garden, which will inevitably pay for it one way or another. The garden can look like a hurricane just ran through when the children are done playing which is to be expected. This is why it’s so important to look at the option of having a low maintenance garden which can allow your children to play vigorously and not completely fall apart.

Fenced or wired plants in the garden

The plants in the garden shouldn’t suddenly have to disappear because your children like to play football. However, this can happen, often without choice because inevitably the ball will become loose out of their control, and then eventually run over the plants and flowers you have decorated your garden with. This is why it’s good idea to put metal wiring around your vegetation so that even if the activities of the children do wander into the soil area, the plants and flowers won’t get trampled on and squashed. You can also dig in, a small wooden fence around the area, which can also put a protective barrier around. This stops the stems and leaves from being crushed or bent, causing your hard work to die.

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The flat green

The lawn takes the most amount of elbow grease to maintain. Not only do you have to mow it regularly to keep it from overgrowing, but you also have to feed it properly to keep it from dying. One of the most embarrassing and unkempt looks of any garden is the patches of dead grass due to drying out in the sun, which have turned yellow and beige, surrounding by thriving green patches. When children play, they often skid around, tumble and uproot the soil and grass. This can leave the lawn covered in potholes, leading to further disruption of the soil. LazyLawn provides a great fake alternative that looks just like real grass but comes with none of the hassle. You can get it generally fitted in one day alone, and just because the grass is artificial doesn’t mean you don’t have a range of types of choose from.

A garden should be able to facilitate play and good memories for the children. However, it can be a headache to find the garden looking like a bull parade just ran through after the kids have released all their energy. So use these methods to maintain a healthy and strong vegetation area, and low maintenance artificial lawn.


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