Having a designated space in your home for your children to play can be a wonderful idea. Not only does this give them room to create and explore the different aspects of play, but it also means you can keep toys limited to that room, meaning they are not left all over the house. While having that spare room can be helpful, you may want to jazz it up a little, so that your children really feel that the space is their own. Our kids loved having a playroom. This can be done in a number of simple ways, without needing too high a budget either.


If your child really wants to set the scene for their latest adventure to a mystical land or foreign planet, a standard on and off light switch might not do their ideas justice. Instead, you can opt to buy dimmable LED light bulbs which will allow for different levels of light in the room. This can be perfect to show the difference between playing in “deep space” and when they get a little too close to the “sun”, and the LED components mean that you could end up paying less on your electricity bill as well.


Even though you might have a set colour scheme throughout the rest of your home, this may not work for a child’s playroom. They would most likely not appreciate why you love those tones so much. Rather than needing to completely redecorate the room, you could enlist your child’s help to choose posters or wall stickers to be displayed instead. This also means that, due to the ease of removing them, your walls underneath can remain the way you want them, but your child will have the freedom of expression to decorate the walls to suit them. Using removable décor also means that, as your child grows, they can change their decorations to suit their everchanging hobbies, favourite movies and tv shows, and other designs they like. If you’re a really arty family, you could even opt to draw your own designs and then custom order them onto vinyl wall stickers, for a truly bespoke look without permanence. 


Aside from a plethora of storage containers for your children’s toys to live in, you may also wish to consider the other types of furnishings that can go in their designated playroom. Rugs can quickly spruce up the current flooring, adding colours and designs that your child will love, while also protecting the floor underneath. For small and large playrooms alike, you could also use bean bag chairs for your children and their friends to relax in. These are soft, usually inexpensive, and don’t take up too much space. Due to the items being used for play, you will want to make sure that they are fairly hard wearing, without a high price tag attached.

Creating a playroom, and allowing your child to be part of its design, can not only help your child to have a personal play space, but can also help you to bond with one another, both during its creation, and then engaging in play itself. Check out this post on kids bedding too!

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