Today has been the start of a new routine for Noah and little Isla Rae, every Monday until the end of the summer they are going to Great Grandmas and Grandads for adventures, whilst Mummy & Daddy go to work. We are really lucky that we have a great family support unit when it comes to our little people and so grateful for all the help that we get.

I checked in at lunchtime, just to make sure Grandma was still Okay, as I know how much of a handful the pair of them are. Grandma told me that she had taken them to the library and that they had just had lunch and all was good. I couldn’t believe my ears, library and Noah in the same sentence, surely Grandma was joking. Apparently he was a good boy, now this is either Grandma being massively patient and making it sound better than what it was, or Noah really was a good boy for them in the library. I was astonished! Why can’t he behave when he is with Mummy & Daddy… it’s almost like they know they can push more boundaries when they are with us. Obviously I am glad he is being a good boy, but I just couldn’t believe it.

Noah and Isla are getting much better together now, Isla is learning that she can just grab toys when Noah isn’t looking and Noah’s learning not to “clunk” Isla around the head when she does grab them. It is really hard to watch sometimes, as I really wish Noah would be loving to his little sister – but we have territorial issues over toys. I was happy to learn that they had been good together for Grandma and Grandad.

I am still in shock over the costs of nursery and how much it would have been for Noah and Isla to go there, just once a week, the monthly payments would have been crippling to our bank accounts. I really do not understand how families cope with nursery costs and without the help from amazing family members. I am very lucky….


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