Since starting up the #MummyPhotoADay challenge, Noah and Isla have mostly gotten used to having our camera with us when we go out and about. Taking photographs has become an established part of our lives, and I’m so grateful for it. Taking family pictures feels the same as keeping a personal journal, except that albums have memories from everyone’s perspective. Every photograph captures not just a moment, but a prompt for your mind to uncover a rich memory. 

But photographing whimsical and energetic children is no easy feat! If you’re a new parent or a parent of toddlers, you’d know this all too well. Here are a few small tricks you can use to get your little ones feeling snap-happy.

Book a family photoshoot

I’ve spoken a little bit about how fantastic maternity photoshoots can be for inspiring a little bit of fun and joy during your pregnancy, but it’s the first photo shoot you do with your newborn that really takes the cake. An experienced newborn photographer knows how to keep the session feeling positive for your little one, meaning they’re guaranteed to not only snap some breathtaking shots that’ll last you a lifetime of love and cheer, but that your child will also be receiving an incredible introduction to the tradition of family photographs. Newborn photoshoots are also a fantastic way of keeping the extended family in the loop during your first few months of parenthood, you know those months where having a social calendar isn’t really a high priority, despite all your friends and loved ones just dying to see you!

Work with a schedule

It’s important that you keep the photography experience as positive as possible for your little ones, just so you’re more likely to capture genuine moments without too much resistance. One superb way to keep your younger kids happy during a photoshoot – whether scheduled or even impromptu – is to work to their schedule or daily routine. Get into the habit of taking photos at roughly the same times during your baby or toddler’s day, most preferably after they’ve had a meal and are feeling comfortable enough to play. Try to avoid taking photos when your child is noticeably uncomfortable, and chances are they’ll be more likely to develop a positive relationship with having their picture taken.

Photograph to celebrate

One of the best things about taking regular family photos is that you get to document your kids’ growth. They grow oh so fast that even photos taken a week or so apart can present such incredible change! It’s important not to miss those days that are just designed to pass us right by. I mean those days before growth spurts, or before the tooth fairy comes, or even just their first days of school! Growth is truly a blessing in disguise, but regular family photoshoots ensure you’re able to capture and preserve all those brief or ‘in-between’ moments in your children’s lives.

Plan fun trips and outings

Finally, one of the most ingenious things you can do to make sure you never run out of photo ops is simply to make the most of your weekends and take some family day trips to beautiful places! Travelling often will ensure that your kids have an incredibly enriching childhood that they’ll remember fondly well into their adult years. In truth, having photo albums full of these adventures can only be an added plus.

It’s important to remember here when it comes to making memories, documenting the memories must always come a close second to actually living and breathing them. Remember to always take some time to be present. Build some sandcastles. Have a picnic. Enjoy these happy days as they happen and try to make it a natural thing when taking family pictures.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 21st October 2020