Obsession with scarves is something I have had for a very long time, I wear them most days with pretty much all outfits I wear. It has been a little hot of late, but I still wear them as I work in an air conditioned building and they keep me at the perfect temperature.


www.scarfworld.com is a new website that sells a really wide range of scarves and for people like me, who love them, you will be in your element. They even have scarves for men! I was asked to choose 2 scarves to review and so I went for a lovely floral scarf and a nautical scarf. They are both really lovely scarves and look really nice with a lot of my outfits. The website is brilliant as you can choose a category of what kind of scarf you are searching for: spring flower fashion and nautical scarves being the categories I looked at. You can quickly navigate to new arrivals and see what has recently been introduced on the website, there are other categories on the homepage too: perfect pashmina’s and winter accessories being a couple.


One of the other great elements to the scarfworld website, is that it has a great blog with some fantastic ideas for what you can do with scarves. I love their latest blog post: How to Make Your DIY Scarf Handbag. Such a fantastic idea of what you can do with a scarf, they are so handy in many situations. You can see some of their great ideas and products on the social media channels too: scarfworld Twitter, scarfworld Facebook page and the scarfworld Google+ page. 

scarf (3)

You can see the scarf products on the website www.scarfworld.com, please do go and have a look around – I bet you will not leave the website without a purchase!

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