Tots100 and Bathshop321 are running a competition at the moment and all I have to do is post about my dream bathroom, but as I live in rented accommodation it is hard to see the dream bathroom in my house and so I have all these visions about my grandparents house.

As a family we have been saying for some time that to make life easier for my 90 year old grandad and my 80 year old grandma, a nice bathroom with a shower or corner bath would be much better for them. I would love to be able to provide that for them and make it possible for them to even have a bath. They don’t have a shower at the moment and as they are not as agile as they once were, getting in and out of the bath has come with its trials. If only I could put a shower in their bathroom, I know it would make my Grandparents lives so much better and bring a nice quality of life to their beautiful home.


I love the idea of this suite from bathshop321, the Galaxia Quadrant Shower Suite which is a brilliant price of £379 in their current sale – fantastic price! Albeit my entry isn’t very “creative” but it’s just me, being a rather caring and lovely grand-daughter… Ok Ok, here’s some artisticness from me:

There was a young gal from the Shire,
who made her grandparents conspire…
to get rid of the pink, the floor & the sink,
a new bathroom to chill & retire.
That little old lady from Liverpool,
only needed a shower & stool.
It’ll be better for her, & for him, I concur,
now wouldn’t that just be so cool!
Oh please pretty please, 
I’ll get down on my knees.
Just be nice, oh so nice, to win twice,
and give my grandparents some “ease”!!


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Last Update: Friday, 26th April 2013