My little dinky Isla Rae is going to be 1 years old in 2 weeks time, I remember when Noah turned one and I felt like the year had gone so quickly and in comparison this year has gone so much quicker. We have done so much this year, including a trip on an aeroplane and a trip to Wales for New Year; lots of family events and friends events where Isla has met lots of little people to play games with over the next few years and we have come so far in relation to being a family of 4!

pictureIts not easy! Not by any stretch of the imagination, I didn’t quite realise that Isla maybe completely different to Noah as a baby, until she was here and she was the exact opposite and I didn’t think Noah would react quite the way he did either. But a year later and Noah is learning not to be push and hit Isla because she wants to share his toys, we are learning to be nicer to her and also we are finally getting into a “kind of” sleeping routine. It still varies night to night, but this week has been the first week in 11.5 months where I have only had to get up to her in the night twice – compare that to 11 months of getting up at least twice throughout the night (and going to work the next morning) and not going to sleep until 8pm at night.


I now have more of an evening and more of a morning and more importantly more sleep! As a full time working mother of 2 under 3’s, I think its quite important to maintain that time. This past week has been so different to anything from over the year as I have had time for a bath or time to watch Grey’s Anatomy, especially as Daddy Constant has been busy with sunset location shoots and wedding meetings – its the busy season for him and now that the little ones are settling down, its making things a lot less stressful at home.

IMG_4854 (2)

So, Isla is now walking. Admittedly she isn’t walking far or walking a lot, she can take about 20 steps on her own and walks from furniture to furniture, she is just practicing a lot and building her strength up so that she can run around after Noah in a few months. I really can’t remember this process being as slow with Noah, but it must have been. He took 10 steps around his first birthday and she has been taking steps for weeks now, so she is definitely further advanced.IMG_0943

She loves her food still and has 7 little nippers now to help chomp it all down, she loves eating finger food – but when she’s hungry oh boy don’t you know about it? She is only ever unhappy when she is hungry or its bathtime/bedtime, oh or when Noah has pushed her over.


I am really looking forward to celebrating her first birthday, me and Isla are also having a joint christening on the 12th May which I am really looking forward to. I am really lucky to have my little happy, dinky princess and I think I feel more “happy” because she has made me work for it. It’s been a hard year and I feel like I have definitely earnt my Mummy badge – you appreciate the journey a whole lot more when it’s not quite a walk in the park I suppose. I am sure a lot of people can relate to that…IMG_7724

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Last Update: Friday, 26th April 2013