Hiring a photo booth service has become a popular trend in several countries and why it shouldn’t be? After all, they are used almost everywhere now, like birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, etc.

There are a number of good and reliable service providers when it comes to photo booth hire in Scotland and rest of the UK. Although, you need to keep a few things in mind before going with a particular photo booth hire company for your event.

Have a look at some of these factors:


It is important to enquire about the company and its previous records. Also, get to know as in how many events they have covered so far, how old they are in this business, their overall reputation, etc. Actually, it is very easy nowadays for anyone having a computer and a printer to become a photo booth provider. So, it is a good idea to know everything about them first. If possible, try talking to their previous clients and know more about their services.


Don’t forget to check for the technology they are using. Don’t go for a company with a slow or outdated computer or printer. You surely don’t want to keep your guests waiting in a line to take pictures. It is advised to choose a company that can print a picture in around 15 seconds. Anything more than that can annoy your guests big time.

Other engagements

If you like a company, ask them if they are having some other engagements on the day of your event. If they have, ask them to keep a gap of a few hours between both the events, taking into account the time required in travelling, setting up the photo booth, etc. You surely don’t want a photo booth service provider packing up his booth in the middle of your party to attend a different event.


Cost is definitely an important aspect that you should consider while hiring a photo booth company. Ask them about their cost per print, type of paper they use and other important things. Also, make sure to ask them if things like props, photo frames, strip designs, etc. are covered in the package or they will charge extra for them. Try and bargain with the company to include a few of these things in the package.


It is quite possible that the photo booth company you are hiring doesn’t print the sizes you are looking for. Obviously, you will expect a photo booth to provide you with prints in a variety of sizes, from small size photographs to large portraits. Make sure you enquire about this in the beginning.

Ability to handle people

You must know that there will be a lot of guests for your event and almost everyone these days is crazy about printing pictures. Therefore, you must go for a service provider who is able to deal with a lot of people and handle them properly.

Soft copies or hard copies or both

Also, you must enquire with the company whether you will be getting soft copies or hard copies or both for your photographs.

So these were a few things you should look for in a photo booth hire service. Hope you find this read informative and helpful.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 28th June 2017