5 Ways to give your modern home a country twist

Have you always wanted your kitchen to have a farmhouse feel? Perhaps you want your bedroom to be filled with rustic effects?

Whether you’re redecorating to make your property appealing to potential buyersor you’ve always wanted to introduce some country style to the home you love, it’s easy to bring rural charm to the most modern space. 

Here is a roundup of some simple ways to update your property and instantly create your perfect country-themed home. 

Natural Materials

The country look is all about keeping things natural, so invest in naturally-sourced materials such as wood, slate and stone. Once you know what materials are best suited to the space, you can then decide how much you’d like to incorporate. 

You may wish to pull up the carpet in your living room so that the wooden floorboards are exposed or add wooden beams to the ceiling to give it a country barn effect. Perhaps you can build the island in your kitchen from locally-sourced stone and add slate to your worktops. 

Pastel Tones

A light, pastel palette perfectly balances the dark browns and greys of any natural materials you add. Chalk-white walls and gentle dove grey accents reflect the light beautifully. 

However, when it comes to countryside chic, you can go all-out on baby blue and sugary pink tones. If you love floral patterns and polka dots, this is the ideal opportunity to add some old-fashioned designs and quirky style to your home. 

Go Retro 

Swap your ultra-modern pieces for retro designs. From appliances in the kitchen to sideboards in the hallway, to add a country farmhouse effect you’ll need to go back in time. Make way for a traditional dresser to your kitchen or a telephone table in your lounge and instantly change how your home looks. 

For some retro inspiration, browse the collections by The Cotswold Co, which has stores across the UK.

Rugged Textures 

Rather than sanding out knots in the wood and adding layers of varnish, a rural home is filled with unpolished surfaces and natural materials that appear just as they are. Slightly worn edges and scuffed areas enhance the rustic feel. 

Found Objects

Why not upcycle existing objects? Old barrels can be turned into stools, pieces of wood can be transformed into beautiful art, and lamps can be created from old glass bottles. 

It may take some time and research, but repurposing old and unwanted items and materials can be an effective way to make some finishing touches to your country-inspired home.  

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