One of the biggest priorities for couples planning a wedding are the memories. Naturally, you want the day to be as memorable as possible, so you never forget how much fun it was to get hitched. It’s interesting, then, that so many weddings follow a rigid formula.

Proponents of tradition spend huge amounts of money trying to create epic events, but all they really need is a little creativity. If you’re willing to be bold and brilliant on your big day, you’ll realise it’s not about the cash. The most important thing is to build a wedding that celebrates you.

Keep reading for some fun, quirky, and achingly cool ideas you can use at your own reception.

Walk Down Memory Lane

One clever way to make guests feel special is to show them how much they have impacted your life. Create a ‘memory lane’ by hanging your favourite pictures at the entrance to the reception room. It’s a great way to get people talking, and it shows them how much you care.

Plus, with an affordable photobooth hire in Sydney, you can make new memories to add to the collection. Photobooths are a fantastic form of entertainment because they’re low maintenance and let guests direct their own fun. All snaps are ready within minutes.

Serve a Dessert Buffet

If you’re planning a formal, sit down dinner, it might be fun to switch things up and go in a different direction for the dessert. For instance, buffet style desserts are hugely popular right now. They bring a sense of silliness and frivolity that guests love after a traditional afternoon.

Think plentiful trays of sweet treats and sugary goodness. Let guests pile crushed Oreos on top of blueberry cupcakes. Invite them to lace strawberry ice cream with fudge pieces and sherbet lemons. It’s more than a little indulgent, but you only get married once.

Put on Your Dancing…Socks

It’s common for couples to leave wedding favours in the reception room, ready for when guests arrive and take their seats. These small gifts can take any form. There are a thousand different gifts you can use. However, you also have the option to get a little silly with it.

One idea is to leave a pair of cosy, fuzzy socks for each guest, so they can slip into something more comfortable later in the evening. Some guests might scoff at the thought before dinner, but just wait until they’ve had a few glasses of wine and the DJ starts up.

Be a Movie Star for a Day

This is a great idea for film buffs. Instead of table numbers, use the names of romantic films. Even better, get a skilled friend or colleague to jump onto PhotoShop and replace the faces with your own. The more iconic and romantic the image, the better in this case.

So, think Jack and Rose from Titanic. Or, Alvy Singer and Annie Hall. In fact, there are scores of examples. There are Alison and Noah from The Notebook. Don’t forget Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing. You get extra points for making your Photoshop face swap as funny as possible.

Send Guests Home with a Treat

Some wedding receptions go on until the early hours and guests are bound to end the night with tired feet and hungry bellies. Treat those who lasted until the very end with a personal snack box of cake or savoury bites. It’s a small detail, but it can make a big difference.

They can munch on these morsels while waiting for taxis to take them home or on the way up to their hotel rooms. It’s just a nice way to finish a beautiful evening, with a small token that says ‘thanks for coming and having the best time.’

Why Being Different Is an Asset on Your Wedding Day

It is possible to honour tradition and still plan a unique, personalised experience. In fact, if you’re keen to have a very conventional wedding, you can save the zany stuff for the reception. It’s a great opportunity to let loose and show off your personality, so don’t hesitate to include a few wacky or unusual ideas.

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