You should not put off having your MOT booked in. Driving without one can lead to problems so you ought to prepare for yours locally at a time that will suit you well before the deadline comes up. Why should you be having an MOT test conducted at all? There are many reasons to keep your car roadworthy, here are just my top 5:

1. General Roadworthiness
If your car is to be safe and legal to drive on the UK’s roads, and then it must be in good enough condition. That is what an MOT is all about. It is the way the government confirms that cars on the road are not just roadworthy but safe for its occupants and other road users, too. 

2. Legal Requirements
Once a car is three years of age it must be booked for an annual MOT. Not to do so means invalidating your car’s insurance and you could end up with a big fine if you fail to comply.

3. Engine Checks when driving locally
A number of checks are made during an MOT including those that are conducted on your engine. Especially when you are driving locally you need to be 100% sure about your car’s health and performance. Although an MOT is not a tune-up session, it can point out simple faults that can be resolved that will make your car run better. Let’s take this example, if you are driving in any local town- let’s say Dewsbury and the car engine is not working properly, you will be stranded on the road. In order to avoid a situation like this, you should always rely on well-reputed tyre garages in Dewsbury. One such place is Ossett Tyre Houseas they will helpyou book your MOT Test in Dewsbury and other areas locally.

4. Safety Systems Checks
All of the major safety systems of a modern are inspected during an MOT. For example, your seatbelts will be tested to make sure they function properly. This could save your life in the event of a crash if a defective one is noticed and repaired or replaced in time.

5. Emissions Testing
These days it is not just the car itself that is tested during an MOT but the impact it has on the wider environment. Car emissions contribute to poor air quality and common conditions, such as asthma. They also add to global climate change. Therefore, checking your car’s emissions are legal is a socially responsible thing to do.

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Last Update: Friday, 26th April 2019