As the children are getting older, they are more capable of walking a little further and walking harder routes. Noah managed Snowdon when he was about 5 and more recently, we all conquered Mam Tor. We love exploring and so it got me thinking about my travel list and walking holidays around the world – not just in England. So, these are my top 5 places to go on a family walking holiday. 

The Lake District 

We have always gone to the Lake District in the Winter months, which is fine but not the best weather for hiking with small children and disabled dogs! I would love to go to the Lake District in the warmer months and take the kids on a hike around the beautiful hills and scenery. I can imagine it now – the vast hills of countryside, the dense and fluorescent green forests. Picnics on our back and off we go! 

The Yorkshire Dales

I like the idea of family walking holidays but also ones with a slight adventurous twist. For example, exploring caves and rock climbing. We discovered only last week that Isla has a natural talent for wall climbing and she would love to do it on the real thing. You can also plan kayaking or canoeing on the walk too which sounds exciting. It also breaks up the walking a bit which is great for the children. We walked to Malham Cove when the children were little, so we have experienced a little of the Yorkshire Dales. 

Austria – Mayrhofen

Mayrhofen sits at the junction of four major valleys in Austria and paves way to the most beautiful scenery and its renowned for being family friendly. The walks cover beautiful meadows, Alpine villages and views of the Zillerton Alps. I love the idea of mixing up the walking with cable car trips to take in the spectacular sights and mountain walks for all abilities – meaning we can do it with the children too. 

New Zealand

Now, I am not just biased as I have family in New Zealand. The place looks absolutely incredible. I grew up watching Lord of the Rings and films that have been based at New Zealand and the landscape looks truly amazing. I love the idea of a hiking tour, might need to save this one for when the kiddies are older, it sounds amazing though: walk, cycle and hike travelling from the Alps to the Ocean. Mount Cook looks pretty incredible and the idea of a secluded lagoon sounds like bliss. I would also get to see my family too – so that’s a win win. 

Lake Garda walking holiday

We were talking about going to Lake Garda one year as it looks absolutely beautiful. It sounds like the perfect place to get a bit of everything – sunshine, good food and that “wow” scenery. You can walk around Lake Garda in an array of different walks, up and down the hillside too.

What would be your favourite location for a family walking holiday? I would love to know in the comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Monday, 26th August 2019