A wedding needs entertainment – usually this involves hiring a DJ or a live band. However, there are entertainment options beyond music that you can consider to help make your wedding all the more memorable and enjoyable for you guests. Here are just a few alternative entertainment options that could be worth considering.


To entertain people during your wedding meal, you could hire a wedding magician to go from table to table. This can be a great way of spicing up this part of the event for your guests when guests may be waiting around for a long time, possibly sat on tables with people they may not know well. You could even hire a kids’ magician to put on a show for any children at the wedding. This could be great for occupying the kids and giving the adults some freedom. Many magicians specialise in weddings and can often be the best option as they know how to judge the pace of a wedding.

Fire performers

Fire performers could be another unique entertainment option. This could similarly be something to entertain people whilst eating or it could be something to throw in as a surprise during the evening. It could even accompany a firework display if you want to really show off at the end of the night! Some venues may not allow this type of performance – it’s definitely better suited for an outdoor wedding than an indoor wedding.

Performing caterers

Some catering services are also able to offer entertainment whilst they provide food. This can add a new layer of fun to the reception meal. An example of this could be a performing chef that is able to cook at your guests’ tables – the performance could involve flambeeing food and doing tricks with food whilst cooking. Another option could be to hire singing waiting staff – this could be a fun and comical surprise for your guests. There are also a number of themed catering services for themed weddings such as a medieval catering service for a medieval wedding.

Casino table

You could also consider hiring a casino table for your wedding reception. This could give your guests the option to play card games against each other such as poker or play games such as roulette with the help of a professional croupier. Casino tables can usually be rented out for three hours at a time and could be perfect for hiring during the evening. Just make sure that your venue is comfortable with gambling on the premises as some venues aren’t.

Petting zoo

Another alternative option could be to hire a petting zoo. This could include various animals from cuddly farm animals to exotic animals like snakes. Kids are certain to love this and it could be a fun feature for many adults too. This option is suitable only for outdoor weddings and is something you should also check with your venue.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 27th March 2019