Many parents usually do not have the luxury of using hand-me-down clothes when it comes to their children. In most situations, when the youngest begins to outgrow clothes, the best thing to do is to hit the shopping malls immediately. Or, in my case, my children are not the same sex so it was difficult to hand me down clothes. Not everyone is comfortable to pass down shirts with embroidered flowers to a male child or pants inherently designed for a boy to a growing daughter. There are lots of ways to get a good price on your children’s clothing.

In buying new clothes, parents face the ultimate dilemma: a smaller piece of clothing is priced at the same amount as regular adult wear is. This reality is shocking for parents who are tightly managing their budget.

But just like there are various ways to save money on school supplies, there are also tricks when it comes to saving on kiddie clothes. 

Sell Old Clothes Online and Resist Collections

Nowadays, every purchasable item needs to meet certain expectations, including the trends that are difficult to ignore. Clothing stores centered on the little ones typically assemble their latest collection right at the front of the store so that people can easily see the potential of the different pieces placed next to each other looking cute.

This tactic is what persuades parents that they need to buy new tops, skirts, matching shoes, and even small accessories that will eventually get lost somewhere in the house. Remember: falling in love with kiddie clothes is okay, but always consider the fact that buying them may, at times, be unnecessary.

Look inside closets, and one will see tons of old clothes that don’t fit the children anymore. Think of ways to sell these items online, and the profit from this can be used for future and better purposes. 

Buy Secondhand Pieces 

The thought of buying someone else’s clothes can be off-putting, but this is one of the best ways to cut down on expenses. The idea is initially unappealing, but parents can always start small. Visit local thrift stores and consignment shops to see great deals on slightly used clothing basics.

In general, shopping clothes meant for special occasions from a secondhand store is the best thing one can do, since the child may no longer need to wear it for more than a few times. Moreover, thrift stores can be a hit or miss, but it does not hurt to look once in a while, and doing so can increase savings. It’s a great way of sourcing children’s clothing and putting into the community too.

Once the idea of buying old pieces has become more comfortable, this is where parents can slowly adjust and branch out to purchasing even more useful items like pants, shirts, and the whole line of basics.

Just make sure to thoroughly wash these items before including them to the child’s wardrobe. 

Always Think Ahead 

End-of-season sales are a must on the list of parents trying to save on clothes for their children. When going to these sales, consider buying clothes two sizes larger instead of opting for the perfect fit. This way, children can wear a new piece for a couple of months, and these can still be used the next year. 

Shop Online Strategically 

When looking for clothes online, type in as many promo codes possible. There are many stores notorious for having several sales and codes available at once, so combine them and see how much can be saved on a purchase.

Parents can use online codes and codes indicated on coupons redeemed in the mail. This may seem a little frustrating, as it requires more time, but once one gets used to doing it, it will be easier to see the savings add up. 

Shopping online with a plan can be a motivation to keep trying. To make things easier, there is also the option to install a browser extension that helps one find the best price, add as many coupon codes as possible, and earn cashback. Apart from this, also consider that some stores usually allow more savings than others do. 

Buying clothes for children does not need to break the bank. Thinking outside the typical big-box retailer can help stay on budget.  Children’s clothing sales or buying secondhand is a great start to maximising your budget and getting more for your money.

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