We were talking yesterday about how Noah will be, potentially, driving in around 5 years time. That isn’t long. And it got me thinking about options for a first vehicle, like an electric scooter. They have had enough practice on a kids scooter, that’s for sure. You could buy one that has all the latest security features and just enough power to get them around. They’re pretty affordable too. You can find a great scooter for around £2000 and running them costs close to nothing. It’s very easy to make a mistake when buying one, however, so you must be extra careful. Let’s look at some of the mistakes you should avoid when buying an electric scooter for one of your children.

Going for a Scooter that’s Too Powerful

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying an electric scooter is going with a model that is too powerful. Not only could it be too much for your child to handle but it might require them to get a special motorcycle licence. Instead, you could go for a small Piaggio electric scooter, which will either require a car licence or no licence at all. This way your child won’t have to spend time and money on an extra licence, and they will be able to drive their scooter right away.

Going for a Scooter with an Excessive Range

If your goal is to save money, you don’t have to go with a scooter that has a crazy range. Chances are your child will only be driving it within a short range, and the average electric scooter will give you more than enough driving time per charge. A good scooter will also be fully charged in a few minutes. So, don’t obsess over range when looking at a scooter.

One thing you need to be careful with, however, is to not take the manufacturer’s numbers at face value. When they show the range for vehicles, manufacturers will show numbers based on optimal driving conditions. Things like acceleration will not be taken into consideration, or the type of terrain your child will be driving them on. So, take range numbers with a grain of salt.

Going with an Old Scooter

You may also assume that buying a cheap old scooter might be a good idea, but we wouldn’t recommend this with an electric scooter. They will be more likely to break down, and repairs on these units can cost a lot of money. There’s also a chance that the battery will need to be changed prematurely. So, think twice about making that decision and consider buying a more recent unit.

Not Having Your Child Test Drive the Scooter First

A lot of parents want to surprise their children with their first scooter, but this might not be the best idea. It’s always better to have your child try the bike first. They have to know whether they’ll be comfortable driving it and if the bike’s ergonomics work for them. This is essential from a safety standpoint and for making sure that they’ll be satisfied with the scooter. So, don’t be afraid to spoil the surprise by having them try the scooter before you buy it.

Electric scooters are a great choice for a child, but you have to pick them carefully. You should also learn about their pros and cons before you decide to pick them over another type of vehicle.

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Last Update: Thursday, 13th January 2022