Finding a great vacation destination that’s ideal for kids just as much as their parents is not an easy task. For one thing, kids get bored so easily that there needs to be more than just their iPad to keep them entertained. In this world of mass media and short attention spans, it takes something special to truly impress them. As for their parents, we’re not that easily impressed either. It’s a bit of a challenge.

Here are three kid-friendly family vacation spots that will keep both parents and their children happy:

Be Adventurous in San Diego, California

The city of San Diego is prettier than people think. There are lakes, rivers and ocean views to enjoy along the way. Beyond that, there’s the San Diego Zoo, which is home to the largest collection of pandas outside of China. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park is fun for the children to try to spot the different animals roaming around. The Wild Animal Park is home to giraffes, elephants, and lions. If that’s not enough for them, then the Journey into Africa tram ride will pass by a few zebras, long-neck ostriches, and the odd buffalo for good measure.

The other major attraction for kids and adults in San Diego is Sea World Theme Park. Sea World lets kids view fish and mammals close up. They can even feed the sea lions too. There are water-themed rides in the theme park and family shows suitable for children to see.

Elsewhere in San Diego when venturing into the city, try out the Old Town Mexican Café which delivers hot, generous-sized plates of tortillas and other tasty dishes to outdoor diners.

Stay on a Farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

There are several rural farms in and around Lancaster for kids to visit or stay in with their families. Learning to take care of the animals is all part of the experience. They also can get a little boisterous and let loose when not under the thumb of their parents. Maybe they might also get the opportunity to see how the Amish or the Mennonites live and work on their farms using different equipment and alternative farming practices.

The Central Market is a historic food hall that dates all the way back to 1889. Here you’ll find dough bread, kettle chips, and homemade sausages to take home.  The Landis Valley Museum provides a hands-on, interactive way for the kids to try out chores on the farm and play some local games.

Enjoy the View in Deer Valley, Utah

Deer Valley is a place where you can either hike up the steep trails or take the airlift with your mountain bike. There’s plenty to do in the summer with unspoiled nature scenes in every direction, river rafting, and much more. There’s also many types of accommodation. Some of the best accommodation, like these Deer Valley condos by Resort Property Management, is bookable online.

One doesn’t need to stay close to home with the kids during the summer break. There are plenty of affordable destinations, like the ones shown above, which are safe and fun for kids to visit. Where do you want to visit next?

San Diego image by ShutterStock.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 11th July 2017