We love illooms balloons, they are so much fun as they light up in the dark. They make for a great and very dramatic balloon display. To celebrate Isla’s birthday last weekend, illooms are giving away a fabulous bundle of goodies. You could win the best birthday balloon set up for a special loved one this lockdown. Enter below to win the light up balloon bundle.

The illooms prize bundle

I love this prize bundle, it creates such a great light up surprise in the house for the birthday person. It was a lot of fun making this rainbow wall for Isla. Details below on how I did this with items around the house. This is a great combo worth over £20.


How to make a balloon rainbow wall?

It was super easy to make this rainbow wall for Isla, I used the balloons that are included in the prize bundle, so you can create this at home.

  1. Blow up the multi mix balloons. We used a balloon pump as it was a bit easier.
  2. Tie yarn/string around each balloon, as you will need this to attach to the wall.
  3. I started with the red at the bottom, and went through the colours to match the pattern: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.
  4. I used sellotape and attached the balloons using the string. I also used sellotape between balloons to keep the shape.
  5. I then created the lanterns, using the instructions in the packet. I tied yarn to the tops of the lanterns and hung these from the ceiling, just above the rainbow balloons.
  6. I then inflated the foil personalised balloon and stuck ISLA on it, with the included stickers. I used sellotape to attach this to the wall next to the lanterns.

I thought it looked really quite effective because we have this archway in the living room and I love how it lit up the room at night. These balloons seemed to last for 2 nights too, which was amazing.

rainbow balloons

How do I win this illooms bundle?

To win this fun bundle of light up balloons and lanterns from illooms, all you have to do is fill out the competition entry form below:

Win a light up balloon bundle from illooms

This competition closes at midnight on 23 May 2020. Good luck!

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Last Update: Friday, 15th May 2020