When it comes to home updates and conversion options, you have plenty to choose from. All conversions will add a certain amount of value and extra space to your home, but which one is right for you? Take a look at the following popular conversion options and see which might be the best fit for your home (or maybe you can combine a few!).

Garage Conversion

Garages are, of course, useful to have if you have a car to park. However, a lot of people choose to park their car on the driveway or road anyway, leaving their garage to become a wasted space filled only with clutter and storage. Garages are large spaces that can be fully utilised for something better if you have a separate safe place you can park your vehicle. 

A garage can easily be converted into an extra room because the space is already there meaning there is no need to build a whole new extension and sacrifice outside space. If you do use your garage for storage, be sure that you have an alternative option such as a shed for all the items currently being stored there.

Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are among the most popular, for good reason. Loft conversations mean a huge amount of space in the form of a new room or bedroom without having to sacrifice any existing space in the main area of the house. Loft conversions will see the value of your property increasing, as well as adding an extra marketable bedroom if that is what you use your conversion for. 

This conversion is also perfect if you’re looking for a room that is more private and quiet, such as a home office. There are so many great loft conversion options in different styles, such as balcony windows or skylights, and you can find advice from loft conversions experts. 

Basement Conversion

Not a lot of properties have direct basement access, but if your home happens to have a basement that you’re simply not using, this is a valuable space that could be converted. Basements are usually very generous in size, too, which means whatever basement conversion option you’re looking for will have plenty of room to work with. 

Basement conversions could be ideal for home gyms or room set-ups which include heavy furniture that you might not want to carry up to loft conversions, for example. 

A basement conversion may seem dark and gloomy, but conversions with lots of natural light sources and professional decorating from Painters and Decorators in Bromley will see your new space transformed in no time. 

Living Space Conversion to Open-Plan

Conversions don’t always have to be about transforming whole rooms in a big way. It might be as simple as knocking down a few walls to create one, big open-plan space. This is a simple fix which can hugely transform the look and feel of your home, and give the illusion that your home is a lot bigger. This could be a functional conversion to create a more open, welcoming space.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 15th April 2020