I get asked a lot about what I take with me when we are out with the kids, travelling abroad is no different. We still needs wipes, first aid kits and that all important spares of underwear for both children! But there are some things that we would take now that we didn’t know about when the children were younger, or simply they are not needed any longer.

My kiddies are 8 and 7, this is what we take when travelling abroad:

Games for the plane

Funnily enough I had a whole bag of games to play on the way to Crete, but Isla and I slept the entire flight! They came in so handy throughout the holiday and on the way home. We had a fun pack, Games on the go by Lonely Planet Kids. It comes with a marker that wipes off and wipeable cards, so you can reuse them! Perfecto. Our favourite is road trip bingo, we love playing games in the car and this has given us a lot more ideas.

We also received Sneak Peek, Slam It and Grabolo. Brilliant games that come in handy tins or pots, this was extremely useful when on holiday as we could take them everywhere with us and they remained in tact. Great travel games from Ideal.

Water bottles

Keeping water cool is very important for our little ones. They are always asking for cold water when they get hot. So I found these SIGG bottles which are fabulous. They keep our drinks cold for ages.

Bug spray and repellent

I suffer when I am bitten by mosquitos, so much so that I end up with large volcanoes where the bites are infected. It is so frustrating. Last Summer I had to take antibiotics twice due to these bites. We were prepared for this holiday as we took these fabulous products with us: Theye spray which offers up to 8 hours of protection against mosquitoes and this Zap it! which helps to soothe the itching if you do get bitten. Ooh it’s making me feel itchy now just thinking about it.

Harry Potter snacks

What’s not to love about Jelly Belly Harry Potter snacks for the flight? Chocolates and gummies are all part of this range. I love the chocolate wands, what a fabulous idea. The gummies are great for a quick, magical, boost of energy too. We made sure we packed them in our Trunki!

A sand-free towel

I love this Tesalate towel, it is the best towel I have ever had on holiday. It really is sand-free which is absolutely amazing. The kiddies loved it as they could sit without too much sand winding into their swimming costumes. We received this beautiful extra large beach towel, The Alchemist and I love it.

Something to pack it all in

We can’t get anywhere without our love for Trunki’s slipping in to our plans. Isla adores her new Trunki as she designed it herself. With over 1 billion possible combinations its good to have a chance of at least a unique design, when you are abroad. They fit in the hand luggage and it’s great for holding all of the fun games to play on the plane. What colours and choices would you make?

I think the fact we kicked off our holiday with APH airport parking made a big difference to us too. We didn’t have to rush out of the front door to make it to the plane on time. We didn’t worry about a traffic jam, as we had over 12 hours to get to the hotel. It was so relaxing, whereas normally I am tearing around the house and panicking about the traffic en route. I would definitely recommend this when thinking about a holiday abroad with the kiddies!

And, something for the grown ups, have you ever tried a stress relief patch? Vie healthcare have created this marvellous patch, made out of 100% natural ingredients and it helps to soothe stress and can last up to 24 hours. So if you are a nervous flyer or just want a little extra boost of calm on your travels, they are a great idea.

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Last Update: Friday, 31st January 2020