An electrician’s job is one of the most crucial in the industry. All jobs associated with electrical systems must be done right the first time. A slight miscalculation may end up costing too much in monetary losses. Not only that, it may put lives at risk. That’s why Hexo Electrical Testing insist upon safety before profit. It is an electrician’s job to optimise your electrical safety in domestic and commercial settings. Since you are putting yours and your loved one’s lives in the hands of an electrician, you are fully entitled to ask some question beforehand.

Keep the following eight queries in mind when hiring an electrician;

1.    Do you have your electrician’s license?

Check the permit to make sure that your electrician is qualified and fully certified to perform the job. Moreover, you may also be assured of liability insurance and work guarantees from your licensed electrician. You may rest easy knowing that your licensed electrician will perform the job in full compliance with the safety guidelines and regulations.

2.    Do you carry insurance?

There’s a lot of potential for risk in an electrician’s job. Anything can happen despite taking precautions. Insurance protects not only the electrician but also your property and family.

3.    What is your specialisation?

You may go to a G.P. for an ear infection, but you might feel better going to an E.N.T specialist. Similarly, specialised electricians can serve you well for a specific job. For instance, any electrician can install a security system. Still, someone with years of experience in security systems may do a better job.

4.    What is your qualification?

Electricians in the U.K. receive their certification after proving their qualification and associated training. Some remain content as a general electrician, while others strive for specialisation in a specific niche. You may determine they qualify for the job because they have a license, credentials, or perhaps sheer experience in the field is a testament to their skill.

5.    Do you have references?

References to past works serve as testimonials to an electrician’s credibility. You may take into account the recommendations of past clients and online reviews before hiring.

6.    How long will it take to finish the job?

This question is not meant to hasten the electrician unnecessarily. Instead, it is intended to give you an insight into the skill of the electrician. If they can’t give you an estimated timeline, perhaps they do not know the job as well as advertised. Moreover, an electrician’s timeline will also give you an estimate of other associated jobs. You may make a rough estimate of when the property will be ready for residence or business.

7.    Who’s involved in the actual job?

There’s a person you talk to on the phone, and then there’s the actual worker. You may get satisfactory responses from the operator, but the actual worker might fall short of the expectations. Make sure to interview the actual worker before hiring. Inform them of the extent of the job and then ask for pricing. Let no misunderstandings fester because of a lack of communication.

8.    What is covered in the fees?

Cost analysis is very important for an investor. In an electrical field job, the material and labour costs may not be the only expenses to expect. There may be some hidden charges. Ask your electrician for complete transparency and urge him to avoid anything unexpected. Be as transparent as possible.

This is a great way to look after your family home. We all need to be careful about the electrics to be on the safe side.

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