Imagine this: you take a photo, it is awesome. You want to sell photos online for the best price. You download Gallerist and guess what, you can do exactly that! It is a great tool for selling and buying photos, showcasing your work with other like-minded people and getting some inspiration from others.

Setting up the app

It is really easy to get started, I was up and running within minutes. You can download the app from the appstore (or from the play store if you are an Android user). Create an account by email, or sign up using your social media log ins. Decide if you want to start selling or buying, or both, then you are off. Watch the Gallerist video to get a better idea of what you can use the app for:

Selling using Gallerist

Gallerist will showcase your work to others in the community. Once you’ve chosen the content you want to upload to the site, a preview will be made public to protect you – the author – and the originality of your work. Your images can be sold to private buyers, who want to use them for anything ranging from personal use to resale. They will also be available to businesses or public entities, who need to buy material for commercial or educational purposes. The possibilities are endless. I added my favourite recent photo, taken on my iPhone, you can see it above: Noah in the woods.

Buying using Gallerist

You can find original material to buy and showcase in your homes or businesses. If you buy through Gallerist the image copyright transfers to you, so you own the image. So, basically, you could resell it on if you wanted to. You can buy the images either direct with the seller or via auction.

Gallerist Community

I love this photo from the Gallerist Facebook page, it sums up what Gallerist is about. It comes with the story: Robert is a professional photographer, Isabelle, on the other hand, only shots with her smartphone. Naomi loves to take sexy photos of her self, Steve- instead- likes looking at this type of photo. Thereโ€™s Carl, always super busy in his newsroom and than thereโ€™s Vivian, a successful designer. What do they have in common? Gallerist, of course!Meet our protagonists, you could have something in common!

This app is a great way of letting you buy and sell original shots. Not only has it got the auction side to it, but it is also a community. You can talk to like-minded people about photography and get inspiration from others. It is perfect for people like me, who love taking photos and want to get inspiration from others and potentially earn something from your creative hobby. You can also find out a lot of information and see what is hot at the moment on the Gallerist Facebook page:



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