I am quite a fussy one when it comes to where I keep things, how I keep things and I try to be organised as much as possible (slightly out of the window since becoming a mummy, but hey ho) and it really surprised me to learn that three million British women keep their make up in the fridge! The fridge? Why have I never thought of this before? My husband keeps his hair gel in the freezer for an hour before using it, but I have never even considered my own products. Samsung recently carried out a survey and they came up with some very interesting finds:


Samsung Kitchenista infographic

The Fridge as the Ultimate Beauty Weapon research – which was commissioned to celebrate the launch of the ultimate kitchen organiser, the Samsung Food ShowCase Refrigerator – reveals that one-in-eight British women now keep fashion and beauty essentials such as jumpers, make-up, foot creams, hair treatments and even underwear, chilled in the fridge to keep them in the best possible condition for longer.

From lingerie to insoles, nail varnishes to eye masks, cashmere to crème de la mer, when asked about the more unusual items kept in the fridge the top ten fashion and beauty items British women revealed were:

  1. Nail varnish
  2. Eye mask
  3. Face mask
  4. Make up
  5. After sun
  6. Purse
  7. Underwear/lingerie
  8. Face cream
  9. Teeth whitening gel
  10. Sun tan lotion

 So, do you keep anything beauty or fashion related in the fridge?

What do you think?

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