Intel recently inspired me to think about what are my technology blogging essentials, I did have to think about this properly as you could include everything. But in terms of technology, there are a few things that I cannot live without. I wonder if other bloggers have a similar view on what they cannot live without.


There is not a day that goes past that I do not use my smartphone for a blog related task, I have many apps on my iPhone that help me to get my job done. There is the benefits of having it at my side most of the day, internet ready and the apps mean that I can sometimes do the things that I have to do there and then. This could be taking a photo, making a video in iMovie or simply editing a sentence on a blog post (because of a misspelling). My iPhone is definitely on it’s last legs, crack on the screen and wear around the edges just proves how much I use it – I am hoping to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 next week so I can do even more, even quicker and get better photos of course. 


When we want family photos, or we are out and about what do I use? The Samsung NX3000, of course, it has an incredibly useful “selfie mode” which we use all of the time and I have got some great family photos whilst we are out and about because of it. The quality of this camera is fantastic, considering it is only a point and shoot camera, but it is amazing. I take it everywhere with us, I love taking photos with it and more recently video clips too. The WiFi settings mean that you can simply copy photos to your smartphone or tablet device instantly to use the photos as soon as you have taken them (as long as you are in a WiFi zone of course).


Although I use my gadgets to make edits to posts, alter blog posts, set blog posts up for example, I use my laptop every day too. I use the computer to, mainly, write my blog posts and set up how I want them to look. I have always had an Intel laptop and recently I have been using my Intel ASUS transformer device which is even handier as it fits in my handbag and allows me to do everything I can do on my laptop, rather efficient!


There are other little things that I use to get the blogs done, like my stationery for my to do lists, props around the house for getting the right photos and I invested in a fab Joby iPhone tripod to take photos with my iPhone in places that I couldn’t before. It comes in very handy and I can be a bit more creative. I am looking forward to when the children are older and they can help me with the photos themselves.


I have also got a rather cool case on my iPhone, its a Smootch case from Tactus and it is such a great idea. It is really sticky to things like glass and mirrors so that you can get fantastic selfies. It is great that I can have this on the back of my phone and get a quick photo whenever I need it. It also helps as when I have my phone on the kitchen worktop or desk at work, it doesn’t slip at all. It looks after the back of my phone nicely and stops it from getting spoilt from scratches. It is a nifty little accessory and I would recommend it!


This content was produced on in partnership with Intel UK.

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018