Did you know that wildlife populations worldwide have declined by 52% since 1970? WWF with its #WearitWild are raising awareness about this decline so that we can raise money to help them protect precious species and their habitats. Like the tiger, 95% of wild tigers have disappeared in the last century taking the total number to just 3,200 in 2010. How can there be just over 3,000 tigers left in the wild?

 Kids love dressing up and so do I to be honest, I managed to convince a few people at work to dress up with me today and we raised some money towards it, and I got creative with the children after work too. We love face paint. I hope you managed to #WearitWild, or can dress up over the weekend and share your fab photos with me on social media. If you want some inspiration check out the WWF #WearitWild video on YouTube.


If you fancy a giggle, check out this wear it wild quiz, what is your wild side? I was surprisingly fierce! If you are having an animal themed party over the summer here are some amazing animal party ideas. I would love to see your animal photos, wearing it wild and having fun… I hope you can help to raise some well needed funds for the WWF.

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