Easter is one of my favourite times of the year. Unlike Christmas, when you have months of bitter winter to consider when it is all over, Easter is the celebration of Spring and the fact that Summer is just around the corner. Some people don’t like to give more than the cursory egg on Easter Sunday but I prefer to take the opportunity to get creative and give some gifts which celebrate all aspects of this special time of year. Here are a few ideas which may give you some inspiration.


Terrarium Gift Set

A terrarium is fantastic for a number of reasons. These miniature greenhouses which you can use to grow succulents and similar types of flora are delightfully low maintenance. The enclosed space means they have their own self-contained eco system. A carefully organised terrarium is also a beautiful addition to a desk, mantelpiece or window sill. There’s some more information here about the wonderful world of terrariums.

Home Made Sweets

Easter is undoubtedly a time for sweet things. While chocolate eggs are great and it is unusual for anyone to get bored of them, it is nice to get creative. Putting the effort into making a package of honeycomb, fudges, rocky road chocolates and the like will give someone a real treat and there may be some bonus goodies left over for you!

Personalised Gifts

There is huge variety of websites which have plenty in the way of personalised gift ideas. Getting your photographs printed on items such as mugs, key rings and phone cases is a great way to make good use of your images and make great gifts for friends and loved ones at any time of the year.

An egg house

These look great in rustic style kitchens. They keep with the Easter theme and are also a wonderfully practical present. To make the gift unique you could paint it yourself and add your own decorations.


A Gardening Gift Set

Easter is as much about celebrating the arrival of Spring as well as anything else. Put together a kit of a trowel, garden mat, plant pots, seeds and other items which will enable them to make the most of the growing season. Other garden-related gifts include herb sets, there are some wonderful gardening books on the market or you could just hire them a gardener!

A weekend break

The spring break is great time to get away. You have the time, your finances have hopefully recovered after Christmas and, after a long winter, you feel you need the break. Use this as an opportunity to see an area of Britain which you are yet to explore. There are lots of inspirational ideas on this ‘glamping’ website.

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