If you are anything like me, a little creative, and you like to put a bit of effort into things like birthday parties, you will be constantly pinning inspiration for themed birthday parties. If not, you should! There are some fabulous ideas out there that can inspire an entire party theme. Whether it is for your children or a grown up – who says that us grown ups cannot have fun too? Here are some top tips for a summer themed birthday party… 

Find your inspiration

Whether it is surfing Pinterest for that pin that just makes you say WOW, or whether it is a website that you have seen with a fabulous party product, that you must have, or in most cases a theme that comes straight from the horse itself! Isla loves princesses and Noah is currently superhero mad – so that would be a great theme right there. It is hubby’s birthday next month and he loves his outdoors: he has recently purchased a kayak and has seen a new tent, so that would make a great basis for a theme for his birthday. 

Work out your colours 

This may sound like a very odd thing to say, but getting the colours right will really create that wow factor for your themed party. For example a princess themed party is easy: pinks, purples, silvers, creams – they all work really well together. So go crazy with those four colours and there is your theme! Make the cakes those four colours, plates, cutlery, party hats and even outfits. I saw some amazing pins recently for July 4th party theme inspiration, I was completely gutted I didn’t live in America! It is great what you can do with four, perfectly picked, colours. 


Turn those mason jars into masterpieces

I am obsessed with mason jar craft at the moment: turning them into candles, using them to drink cocktails from and creating different baking gifts. Filling a mason jar up with ingredients for muffins or biscuits are a fantastic way to make personalised goodies for party bags? Birthday cake is gone too quick, getting the guests to make their own cakes will mean they get more and have fun in the process. 


Get your guests crafting

Now I can imagine that many people do not think about this for grown up parties, but even just basic things like signing a blank plate or a photo can be turned into a keepsake. You do not have to sit down and have a physical crafting session at your party. But equally with the children you can! I love these wooden spoon craft kits which Noah and Isla really enjoyed making. You can alternatively put the kits in party bags along with your bake your own cake idea from above. We were sent a parcel of wonderful goodies from Fabulous Partyware for the purposes of this post, the children loved the party hats and the spoon craft kits – such fabulous ideas and great for a rainy day too. 


Create a photobooth

Everyone loves these, from small children to grown ups and they make a fabulous centre stage for parties. My husband created one for me for my 30th birthday party which was full of props and a background image. You can do this quite easily, get some props (which can be party hats, dressing up clothes, fake moustaches) and create a background. I would use a colour sheet or what my husband did was tear up fabric and tie them to a broomstick, which held up the fabric behind you, it made a great background and was lots of fun making it too. If you can, get a tripod for the camera and get snapping. 

The homemade teacups image and the cocktail in a mason jar image is from Shutterstock. 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 14th July 2015