This is the top five Christmas adverts of 2016, in my opinion. With the release of so many interesting and funny, cute and emotional videos from some amazing brands out there I thought I’d put my top five together. My favourite has to be #BusterTheBoxer, mainly because the advert just makes me feel happy and it’s all about family. I love the anticipation throughout, the way the story is told and just the look on Buster’s face when he finally gets to bounce at the end. Made me smile from ear to ear. I also now want to film my trampoline throughout the year incase we have resident wild animals that enjoy a bounce whilst we are fast asleep.  

The Asda Christmas advert 2016

In fifth place is the Asda Christmas advert with the different aspects of the store all in one advert. I thought it was very clever how they introduced the different items and I love the bit where Grandma and Grandad turn up for lunch. The chicken head is so funny. I might have to buy one of these for my father in law this Christmas.

The Waitrose Christmas advert 2016

In fourth place this year is the little Robin in the Waitrose advert. I love watching his escapes and his epic journey to find his Mrs robin. The end is so cute when they share the mince pie. It got me thinking about what Robins do all year round and all the things that they must see. I like the music too. 


The Aldi Christmas advert 2016

In third place is Aldi and this year they have taken on a little carrot as a character, Kevin the carrot to be precise. I love the fact they have used the Home Alone music in the background, it really appeals to me. They have cleverly included a Christmas dinner on the table with all the trimmings and I think the grater bit is very clever! The only thing with this ad is that I feel sorry for Kevin at the end, I don’t want him to be eaten by the reindeer! 

The M&S Christmas advert 2016

This is a great story and my second favourite this year. I can imagine little Noah writing his Christmas letter to Santa like that this year. Full of random details that will make Daddy and I laugh. I love the way Mrs Claus uses a helicopter too! That’s how she does it in this century. It sets a magical idea though, that there is a Mrs Claus who helps Mr Claus. 

The John Lewis Christmas advert 2016

In first place is the John Lewis advert with #BusterTheBoxer. I just love the whole story and how it actually fits to the brand, it’s spot on. The little girls face at the end is a picture too. I am also a huge dog person, so it appeals to me from that perspective too. I literally just want to get out in the garden and bounce on our trampoline when I see this. 

These are my favourite Christmas adverts, I would love to know what your favourite is or if there are any other great adverts I might have missed, please leave a comment below… 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 29th November 2016