So, you have decided to venture out in to the rest of the world this summer as part of a family adventure holiday. An excellent choice to way to holiday and spend time with family as it may be; however, if you are not sure as to where to go, this can cause some problems. Europe is home to some of the best alternative family adventure holidays in the world. From sun and sand, to frolicking in the snow, there are a range of destinations to choose from. Here are the top European Family Adventure Holidays, to give you a few ideas of where you may wish to travel to with your family:



Not exactly a destination that immediately comes to mind, however Romania can be quite an adventurous place to visit; especially in historic terms. Marvel at the Bran Castle, home to the Dracula legends, along with its unique villages that have kept the culture alive for centuries. If there is one thing that is for certain, it is that your family will be absolutely fascinated!

French Alps

Want something that is a little more action-packed? Well then why not head to the French Alps. A slight departure from the typical summer family holiday, you will be fully engrossed in French culture; particularly as the French Alps in the summer is a lot to what we see in the winter. Join in on organised hikes up and down the mountains and stand in awe of some of the best landscapes in Europe. You will no doubt need to stay wrapped up and warm, and with you can do so with their assortment of leading outdoor jackets from top brands.


If hiking is not quite your thing and you would prefer to venture out whilst basking in the warm weather, then Portugal is the place for you. Enjoy a vast array of water sports that range from surfing to jet skiing, all the family can enjoy this traditional beach holiday all the while soaking up the sand and Portuguese culture.

While there are many more destinations to choose from, however this set of locations will for sure keep your family busy whilst on their adventure holiday in Europe. So get ready to jet set to one of these amazing locations and soak up all the culture and activities that happen to be on offer.

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Last Update: Friday, 24th April 2015