Have you just been through a breast augmentation surgery in Perth or at any clinic in your area of residence and are now going through the recovery phase? While the surgery itself is a bit challenging at times, you can make the post-surgical recovery efficient by taking a proper diet. Here are the top five foods you should consume to facilitate quick healing and get back to your normal routine.

Citrus Fruits

Fruits are great to step up your metabolism’s functioning. Have citrus fruits like oranges to get your needed dose of Vitamin C. These are not only effective in combating different infections but also minimize the sensitivity of the nerves. Vitamin C is also essential to repair your collagen and soft tissues. Include a glass of citrus juice in your breakfast and have it in salads for better efficacy.


It is important to have a clear understanding of the do’s and don’ts of surgery. These could help you avoid slow healing issues. Include a good amount of seafood in your diet. Fish, shrimps, and prawns contain healthy nutrients like Omega 3s and essential lipids. These also offer high amounts of zinc that helps faster healing while keeping you energized throughout the recovery phase.

Veggies And Oatmeal

To speed up your recovery process, you will need a high intake of fiber. This will keep your stamina regulated, offer vitality and help avoid digestion issues like constipation. The oatmeal and whole-wheat grains keep the bowel moments optimized while allowing your system to process the meals consumed more effectively. Use a whole wheat bread and buns for your meals or snacks. Add a bowl of oatmeal cereal or oatmeal almond cookies for the breakfast. You can also nosh on leafy green veggies like spinach and broccoli. These are rich in fiber and Vitamin A that help protect against metabolic disorders by stepping up your natural immunity to disease.

Sweet Potatoes

You need a stronger immune system to heal the surgical incisions/scars quickly and get lean muscle mass. Sweet potato consists of high quantities of Vitamin A that helps make your immune system optimized and stimulates cell growth. This, in turn, makes your metabolism strong enough to fight infections during the recovery phase. It also jacks up the systems’ healing ability for faster recuperation. Add them to your salads, dinner meals or fix yourself a nice cucumber & sweet potato smoothie for maximum health benefits.


If you are fond of Marzipan in your baked goods, then chances of recovering fast are almost double. Almonds in marzipan help heal wounds, protect against infections and stimulate tissue development. These are rich in Vitamin A giving a huge boost to your immune system. This allows your scars not to get affected by infections and it regulates your cell/tissue growth for quick recovery. Add them to your breakfast cereal, cookies, and baked goods or enjoy them in salads.

Disclaimer, I have not had this surgery myself. I have received this information from professionals to help my readers.

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