There seems to be a raft of electronic and digital toys determined to keep our kids glued to some form of screen and while some electronic games can help expand their minds, there’s no denying the majority of us wish kids would use their summer days to exert some of the endless energy they seem to store up. Luckily there are some toys on the market just now that are all but guaranteed to get them out of the house and into the garden. Here are just three that come highly recommended by mums.

Drummond Park Bubble Buster

Kids absolutely love blowing bubbles and this toy takes that knowledge and creates a whole new game out of it. Designed for two players, the aim of Bubble Buster is to be the first to pop 20 bubbles with a specially designed electronic ‘bubble count’ wand. Bubble Buster comes packed with a bubble blowing machine, two electronic wands and bubble solution and when that runs out you can easily top it up with water and washing up liquid.


Double Swing Set

Swings have been popular with kids since the introduction of play parks and having a set in your garden can massively increase the likelihood of your little ones asking to play outdoors more often. Not only are swing sets fun, but they’re great exercise and are relatively competitively priced these days.



Jump and Splash Adventure Zone

The last and most expensive toy on this short list, Jump and Splash Adventure Zone is an inflatable water park that can be set up in minutes and comes with a bouncing area, slide, basketball hoop and pool that is useable wet or dry. Perfect for those rare hot British summer days when you just want to relax in the garden while the kids amuse themselves.


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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018