Create a Masterpiece they’ll Never Forget

Hallmark, the card and gift specialist, has launched an innovative and interactive children’s recordable art activity set that captures your little one’s first pictures and the story behind the art in their very own words, or in Noahs case “with a little help from mummy”. You get a set of paints and a really good quality canvas in the box, with the inbuilt special technology to record your little ones voice.

We decided to create a fantastic doodle for Grandad as it was his birthday and we “tried” to leave him a special message. We painted a rainbow because Noah’s bump nickname was rainbow and it seemed like an apt thing to draw. Also I wasn’t sure Noah was up to anything more extravagant. I guided him slightly but he loves painting and getting messy and as you can see from the video – he really enjoyed it and LOVED pressing the canvas button.

The concept of the recordable artwork canvas is fantastic, it is the ultimate keepsake for your children’s artwork and when they are talking properly, I can imagine it is a great tool to treasure their teeny tiny little voices too. It is a very unique idea and even though Noah isn’t saying Grandad yet, or Happy Birthday for that matter, I love the recording that goes with this canvas. It is something that we will treasure in the Constant family. It definitely puts a smile on my face!

You can buy these online at the Hallmark website: You can like Hallmark on Facebook: and follow them on Twitter:!/hallmarkuk.

The Recordable Artwork Canvas retails at £12.99.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019