Whether it’s a road trip, long car journeys to visit family or friends, or heading out on an exciting caravan holiday can be a real nightmare. We drove down to Devon recently for a weekend, we had to be prepared for the children to be bored as it was a 4 hour journey both ways. From the endless chorus of ‘are we there yet?’ to the dreaded ‘I feel sick’, complaints and arguments are commonplace within the confines of the car.

To avoid the tantrums, keep the little ones entertained and give you some much-needed peace and quiet to focus on the journey, here are some top tips for surviving long car journeys with the whole family.

Get the Car Ready

If you’re preparing for a long car journey, safety should be the number one thing on your mind. After all, the last thing you want is to suffer a breakdown and get stuck out in the middle of nowhere in an unfamiliar part of the country, so it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is up to the challenge.

In order to ensure that you’ve covered the basics, here are some of the most important things to consider:

  • Check your tyre pressure and tread depth – you should also review the overall condition of your tyres and don’t forget the spare!
  • Double check your oil levels and the level of your screen wash reserves, top up if necessary
  • At this time of year, it’s especially important to check and top up your anti-freeze
  • Get someone to help you check that all your lights are in working order – headlights, brake lights, reverse lights, fog lights and indicators

However, if you are in need of a new car or are worried that your vehicle won’t be up to the challenge (don’t forget to factor in the need to tow a caravan, if you’re heading away on holiday) it may be time to consider an upgrade. Whether it is a brand new caravan or the perfect family car, St Neots is well placed to offer car sales to suit your needs. It’s where I got my family car from too! 

Keep Everyone Entertained

Most kids have relatively short attention spans, meaning that after a while, they’re bound to start playing up (no matter how hard you might pray for them to just fall asleep!) and causing havoc. Plan ahead and pack a selection of snacks, games and music to head off any trouble before it really gets started, ensuring a calmer journey for everyone.

Make sure to pack drinks like juice or water, and some snacks such as cereal bars, fruit packs or biscuits to stave off the hunger. It’s best to avoid anything particularly messy or melty like chocolate, but don’t forget to bring some tissues and wet wipes just in case!

When it comes to the entertainment aspect, there are plenty of ways in which you can keep the little ones busy. Create a road trip playlist for everyone to enjoy together, or try out some fun in-car games to stop the boredom. If your kids don’t get car sick, why not bring some books, comics or drawing materials to keep them busy? If this isn’t the wisest idea, why not go for traditional games like ‘I Spy’ or spotting games to help them stay occupied?

No matter where you’re headed, the journey needn’t be the worst part of the trip. Give yourself a little extra time and get prepared, ready to face the journey together. With these top tips, there’s no reason why your trip shouldn’t be a resounding success!

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