I spend lots of money each year decorating the Christmas gifts, I want them to look perfect. So I will buy wrapping paper, pretty string and ribbons, bows and Kraft tags to decorate myself too. I have great plans for my Cricut machine again this year, so I can get crafty with some of the wrapping. But I started to think about how I can reduce the costs and still be happy with my creations. 

So I came up with this idea… 

The ultimate Christmas bag

This year there has been a huge push in stores on buying recycled bags, the bag for life! Some supermarkets have stopped stocking the flimsy carrier bags. There is no choice but to purchase a sturdy carrier bag or a recycled bag. Some supermarkets have a great choice of recycled bags too. 

Sticking with Tesco, where I go frequently at the moment, I can buy a Christmas themed recycled bag for 45p. The standard sturdy carrier bag is 10p. But a gift bag can cost me up to £2 per bag. 

Yes, you’ve guessed my idea: instead of spending £2 on the very beautiful gift bags, buy the 45p recycled bags. They have cute Christmas designs, the people you gift them to can reuse them and you can still take your shopping home! 

I know some people will not see past the fact the supermarkets name is on the bags, but it really does make sense. When you have 20 odd bags to buy for the different members of your family and friends. Buying a Christmas themed recycled bag can save you up to £18! 

In effect it’s a gift that keeps on giving… 

What do you think?

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