What is your favourite city? There are so many beautiful places to choose from, but London holds so many memories that it has to be the first choice. We have been many times, as a family, as a couple and with our friends to have lots of fun. Who wouldn’t love it?


These are the things I love about London

The first thing about London that I love the best, is seeing the sights and not having a rest. 
There is always something to see and to do, the fabulous structures that fascinate you.
We love it so much that we go back for more, the thames and museums and huge Disney store.
The night time is magic, the lights are a blaze, it’s easy to lose me the city’s a maze.

The second thing about London that makes us smile, we do different things and we walk for miles.
We eat food, see faces and performances in the street, we go to places and share with a tweet.
But what I love most, and this is most of all, is the memories shared and kept by all.
We think back to our trips, and we are happy we went, the time and all the money we spent…

We love visiting London, we love all the fun, that’s why this city is our number one! 

 The three things I love

So in a nutshell, the three things I love are:

  1. Sight seeing. There is always something to see and do. I love getting the camera out and being a tourist. The kids love it too and they are learning so much about our Capital City.
  2. We do different things that we wouldn’t normally do. We are only a 40 minute train journey from London, but we get to do so much more and completely different things that we can’t do back home. The people we meet for example, you wouldn’t get back home. It is fascinating and pushes you out of the “norm”.
  3. We have superb memories that make us happy. This is what taking trips and growing up is all about, isn’t it? We love our memories, as a family and with our friends. It makes you feel all warm and gooey inside!

 This is our entry into the Tale Of Three Cities Competiton. Check out the other entries by searching #3cities on Twitter.


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