All mums need to know how to keep their kids and themselves safe in the event that they suffer a flat tyre when out on the road. Follow these tips to help you get back on your way quickly but – above all – safely.

Here are my tips on changing a flat tyre safely

  • If you feel your car’s steering pulling or you get a loss of traction, then try to find a safe place to stop where you can inspect potential tyre trouble. Ideally, get off the motorway so you don’t have to use the hard shoulder which is not a pleasant place to be.
  • Once you have pulled over, get your children out of the car so that you can jack it up to switch the faulty tyre with your spare. Never be tempted to do this with anyone in the car.
  • Choose a level section of ground to jack your car up. If you are on an incline then the car could potentially roll off the jack and come crashing down. Never work from underneath the car just in case. Stay to the side when using the jack.
  • With the car raised, use your emergency wrench to remove the bolts which hold the wheel to the axle. Modern car’s all have anti-theft locking nuts which make it harder to steal other people’s wheels, so you will need to locate your locking nut to remove at least one of the bolts in question.
  • With the bolts removed, it is possible to take the wheel off your car. Grab it by the tyre and pull it toward you slowly. Keep your feet out from under the wheel because when it is unsupported you may find it difficult to hold onto.
  • Use your spare wheel to replace the flat one. Roll it into position and line it up such that the bolt holes are going to easily slot in. Now lift your wheel upwards and position it. Bend from your knees rather than using your bent lower back.
  • With the wheel in place, use the wrench to bolt it into position. Don’t over tighten your locking nuts, but ensure the wheel is fixed properly so that it won’t work loose. 
  • Finally lower your jack down so that the car now sits on the road ready to continue your journey. Most spare wheels have restrictions on them these days. They may limit your legal speed or mean you can only continue for a certain number of miles. Either way, you should seek out a trusted car tyre dealer network, such as Point S who can replace your spare tyre permanently.

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