The ultimate collectible toy for any child that loves their vehicles, Micro Motorz are the new fun cars that the kiddies absolutely love. The blind bags are super fun for the children and the fact they unwrap in stages is also fun, it leaves anticipation until the last minute. With over 20 to collect these are a great stocking filler for Christmas or birthday party gift.

The blind bags are really fun to unwrap as you have to go through stages to reveal the car you have. Firstly, you get a sticker that shows you what team the car is going to be. Then you open 3 chambers which are hiding away tools, tuning accessories and the car itself. Such a great idea.

Micro Motorz
20 to collect

There are over 20 Micro Motorz to collect and they come in different groups. There are 6 Nitro Chargerz, Speed Demonz and Hot Rodz. There are also ultra rare vehicles; Monster Treadz. Nitro Chargerz are powerful little engines that are perfect for drag races. Speed Demonz come with interchangeable spoilers and are made for the race track. Hot Rodz are sure to turn heads, bright and bold colours that are a must have for the race track. The ultra rare Monster Truckz will crush their opponents on the track! Lots of fun with any of these vehicles.

These little collectibles are available from most supermarkets and online retailers and are £4.99 a packet. The cases the cars come in act as a launcher for the cars – which Noah found so much fun. He lines them up and races them to see which car is the quickest. He loves this kind of game.

What vehicle would your little ones prefer? What toys do your kiddies love to play with. I would love to know in the comments below, or on social media: @mummyconstant.

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Last Update: Thursday, 31st October 2019