AD – we were sent these plush toys to review. As you may know, we are huge fans of How to train your dragon and the movies. We went to see the new movie, How to train your dragon: Hidden world the day it came out, 1st February 2019. It was fantastic. We have also got the Xbox One game. We have been re-living the movie with our new plush toys from Posh Paws. They are so cute!

Toothless bag clip

The kiddies love bag clips. It got quite something at school that the headteacher told parents to remove them from book bags as they were becoming too bulky. They are quite the collectible item for children these days. Instead of clipping it onto our book bags, so we don’t get told off, we clipped it on to Noah’s football bag and he loves carrying toothless around with him. The bag clips are only £5.99. A great price for a gift for a friend in class, or stocking filler (when we get to that time of year).

Light Fury

I love that her wings glow in the dark. It’s a great feature and makes Isla want to snuggle in bed. Which is great as she never normally wants to go to bed. Ours didn’t seem to glow as much as other photos I have seen online, so when I can work out how to make it glow better I will add some more photos. Isla loves her. It’s nice that we can watch a movie and there are characters that both kiddies love. She went to bed snuggling up with Light Fury and she was very happy.


It was so nice to see Noah and Isla playing with their dragons. They went into a little role play world – recreating the movie. Isla put Light Fury and Toothless in the conifer (that represented the lost world) and then Noah took Stormfly to go and find them. It was fun watching them giggling and being happy together. Noah has adopted Stormfly. He is very happy with his glow in the dark wings and badge.

The range from Posh Paws includes:

• Bag Clips – £5.99
• Night Lights (18cm) – £8.99 
• Medium Plush (32cm) – £16.99
• Large plush (61cm) – £29.99

I met Posh Paws at the Toyfair in 2016, I loved them then as I love them now. Their range of plush toys are just adorable and great quality. I fell in love with Tsum Tsum’s because of them!

You can buy them from a lot of online stores. Clintons sell the range including: Bag clips, Night Lights, plus medium Toothless & Light Fury.
Hamleys sell the Bag clips, Night Lights, plus medium & large Toothless & Light Fury. Amazon have the medium Toothless & Light Fury. Harrods have the Medium & large toys. have the Medium & large toys and Symths have the Night Lights.

Have you seen the movie yet? What do you think about the new range of plush toys from How to train your dragon?

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Last Update: Tuesday, 19th February 2019