I was recently sent a fabulous iPad 3 case to review from The Snugg, they are a great company that sell many cases for tablets and smartphones and they are really good quality covers. My favourite thing about this case is that it really does fit “snuggly” round my iPad and makes it easy to stand the iPad up into a brilliant viewing position without making it look like its going to tip over at any second.

The case is made from premium PU leather which is tough and resilient, it also wipes clean really easily too, which is great when you have little people running around the house. The interior is lovely, it is soft and smooth, it is made from nubuck fibre which feels almost sticky – this is to help the iPad fit snugg into the case.


The case also has extra security with a velcro tab that surrounds the edge of the iPad and fastens underneath, this ensures it does not slip out of the side of the case. There is a little stylus loop too so that you can keep your stylus together with your iPad, you know the endless hours you spend searching your changing bags for the tiny things – well this puts an end to that! Great idea.


There is a stretchy handle on the left hand side which makes it easy and comfortable to carry around or make it easy to hold when your Face timing your Mum! The case has all the right bits cut out and as I discovered it doesn’t matter which way up you put the iPad in the case it still has cut outs. (Yes I put it in upside down at first).


The flip stand works a treat as it has a little lip that you tuck the stand under, so it does not budge and fits securely whilst you watch a movie or chat to your family – but it also comes apart really easily so that you can quickly fold it up and get on the move. It’s a really efficient way of making the stand and the quality leather makes it even more sturdy.


You can buy your very own flip stand iPad 3 case from The Snugg on Amazon and you can find the links off the product webpages, it couldn’t be simpler. You can follow The Snugg on Twitter @TheSnugg and like their Facebook page too.







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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018