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3 Ways to enjoy Tuscany from home

3 Ways to enjoy Tuscany from home

The landscape, towns and tastes of Tuscany are perhaps Italy’s most iconic. Only amidst the beautiful hills, and through the winding alleyways that skirt past architectural marvels, do fine living, unbeatable history, impeccable culinary heritage and traditional craftsmanship all combine. Something maybe even more iconic Tuscany’s green hillsides are perhaps the artisanal and culinary products. From craftsmanship to food and wine, there really is no other place on earth like this.  VIEW the POST

The Snugg iPad 3 case

I was recently sent a fabulous iPad 3 case to review from The Snugg, they are a great company that sell many cases for tablets and smartphones and they are really good quality covers. My favourite thing about this case is that it really does fit "snuggly" round my iPad and makes it easy to stand the iPad up into a brilliant viewing position without making it look like its going to tip over at any second. VIEW the POST

Skeanie shoes

Noah had a great chance to try some fabulous Skeanie shoes and try them out we did!He has literally had them on everyday, without complaint. By complaint I mean for a 15 month old toddler to “not try and take his shoes off” is a glowing compliment… They are fantastic, they look stylish and they look really, really comfortable. We also tested them out in the snow last Sunday and they kept his feet dry for the whole day (as you cannot get wellies for little man at the moment) and we took the opportunity to grab some great photos of them. He walks properly in them as they are not clunky, they are very slim and because of the soft soles they are lightweight, they fit perfectly around his tiny feet. Not to mention they go with all of his outfits, they are so stylish.He dresses better than mummy…