After Easter we took a family trip to Thomas Land to the opening of the new Sodor Airport, expansion at Drayton Manor. The new expansion includes 3 new rides and 2 old rides have been relocated to make more space and a much better layout, I know this is not as exciting but they have new toilet facilities available too (which came in really handy with our little ones). The airport includes a cafe and there is a great veranda where you can view the expansion from a high level which was pretty cool!


We had a fantastic day and caught a lot of it on camera too, which you can see above from the MummyConstant YouTube channel. The children loved running around the new expansion, they deeply enjoyed the new Captain’s Sea Adventure ride which is the one where they are spinning around on the boat and shooting water at the others on the ride in the video above.


The new rides

So here is a little summary of the new rides and a couple of images, if you watch the video above you can see little clips of the new rides in amongst our fun filled day.

Captainโ€™s Sea Adventure – This ride is brilliant fun and not to mention a ride on Captain! Hence the first in my list. You sit in a boat, up to four people, you each get a water gun and the aim of the game is to get your opponents wet. Luckily the kids and Daddy got the other people wet and not me! I do think Daddy had just as much fun, if not more, than the kiddies on this ride. It was good. Lots of smiling and giggling. I would definitely recommend this ride. Little ones may need help with the water guns as you rotate a lever to get the water out, but otherwise the whole family will enjoy this spinning adventure.


Flynn’s Fire & Rescue – This ride is also great family fun, the little ones can drive it whilst the bigger ones are on top of Flynn fighting the fires. It was perfect for our little family as Isla had great fun driving Flynn and Noah helped Daddy put out the fires. This was a ride for 3, so Mummy had lots of fun watching and filming. The aim of the game is to go up and down the ladder to spray the water and put out that fire!


Toby’s Tram Express – This ride, is for the older kiddies, so we didn’t get the chance to explore it like the other ones. But it did look like fun! Toby twirls around, up and down, round and round. You can see him spinning around in my video if you look closely at the start. The children were desperate to get on Toby as they love him, but we will wait until they grow a little bit more. It’s so great that the children like going on the fast rides as I am a huge thrill seeker too. We will have lots of fun over the years at Drayton Manor.

You can see a list of all of the rides at Thomas Land on the Drayton Manor ride web page here:


The relocated rides

The two rides that were relocated are Jeremy Jetโ€™s Flying Academy, which has pride of place directly in front of Sodor Airport and when you are up high you get a view of all of the new expansion and also a lot of Thomas Land too. It is great for the views. I also found it fun up Cranky as you could see all of Thomas Land. Merrick the Crane has moved in the middle of Blue Mountain Engines, which has been relocated to the new expansion and you can find it behind Toby’s Tram Express in the corner, funnily enough by the blue mountains.


All in all it is definitely worth a visit to see the new expansion, especially if you have a Thomas fan amongst the family. I loved the fact that we got to see the rest of Drayton Manor too, as we have only been there at Christmas time when it is all closed down for the winter. Noah did cry that he couldn’t go on the log flume as that is his favourite but we told him to eat all his vegetables and he will soon grow. I wonder if that will work?

You can find all the information about Thomas Land on the Drayton Manor park website, including it’s location (north of Birmingham) and all information regarding prices and opening times.




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