Noah is a very lucky little prince as he got to test out the new Kiddicare Prince SP Car Seat, its suitable from children from 9kg to 36kg. Noah, at nearly 3 years old, only weighs a teeny tiny 11KG. So he is just big enough to use the new special car seat and it is currently only £39.99.


The very first thing I noticed about the seat was the fantastic alarm system on the straps, it completely shocked me as I hadn’t noticed from the specification on the website that this inbuilt feature existed. It is brilliant, as soon as the button is pressed to unclip the straps in the harness you hear an alarm. So, you know what this means? If the little monkey tries to escape free from his car seat on journeys I will instantly know and I can safely stop the car as soon as possible to strap him back in. I know he can undo these straps as when waiting for me to unstrap Isla one occasion, he did it himself – he must of got fed up of waiting. This is a really useful feature, for both ease of mind and safety to my little prince. Great stuff Kiddicare.


Another slightly different feature to this car seat that I have never seen before are the straps themselves, they have special mechanisms on them with a built in child lock feature (the green part of the straps). This is so that Noah can’t pull his straps and expand them so he can escape. Another really clever idea from Kiddicare. It is really easy to expand and shrink the straps to fit your child too, which just makes life so much easier.


It took me a few minutes to work out the fitting instructions, only because it grows with your child so there are various options on how to securely fasten the seat into the car I found the Kiddicare installation video absolutely essential viewing as it helped me to understand what I needed to do within 30 seconds:

It really was so much easier after seeing it installed by the Kiddicare staff on the video. I am one of these people that learns, very quickly, from watching others so a video tutorial was perfect – whereas other people will just read the instructions clearly and think how on earth did I have doubts!


After poking the seatbelt through the correct holes and slotting the seatbelt in to the correct places, the car seat was firmly fitted against the backseat and was extremely secure I always give the seat a little wiggle before I put the kids in the car and this felt very secure, so I was satisfied.



The car seat has very clear labels with red arrows on them as to where the seatbelt feeds through and around, this makes it so easy to install and helps make the process easier and therefore quicker.



I also love the fact that the car seat has these labels on the side, so that I always have the guide of how to install it in to the car and it also prompts me how to change the harness settings when Noah reaches 15kg – which I am sure will be a fair few months off.DSC_3716

Overall, I am really happy with the car seat, the design is so cute, especially the little prince crown pattern. The colours are a nice blend and it’s not too over powering or boring for that matter, it is a perfect combo. I love padding, the insert and the extra padding on the headrest and the little extras this seat has, it has to be the most cost effective car seat on the market in my opinion, an incredible price and value for what you are purchasing. Now I just need to get Isla the matching girlie one!




You can find out more about the car seat on the Kiddicare website page, you will find other customer reviews, prices and offers when they are running, product specifications and delivery information. Why not like the Kiddicare Facebook page and follow @kiddicare on Twitter.

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Last Update: Saturday, 3rd February 2024