Reports earlier this year suggested two in three families would be taking a staycation this summer. And, while some of those statistics will clearly be down to financial restraints, with families unable to afford to take expensive flights, it means many of will have rediscovered the joy of the British holiday. We’ve taken holidays across the globe but some of our very best have been right here on home shores. Here are just some of the reasons why staycations are back in vogue.

The food

The British gastronomic scene has never been so good, with celebrity chefs running renowned venues in some our most beloved holiday destinations. Rick Stein’s Fish and Chip shop in Padstow serve up delectable fish and chips just the way they should be – deep-fried in dripping, thick cut and accompanied by mushy peas and tartare sauce. And nearby Penzance has its fair share of foodie delights too such as The Gunard’s Head, which prides itself on “the simple things in life done well,” has a small, but perfectly formed menu.

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The scenery

Staycationing means you get to see some of the world’s most beautiful places. For years, we simply drove a few miles down the road to get on a plane and head to guaranteed sunshine. But, after trying a few staycations, we realised we absolutely loved them. They’ve provided us with some picture-postcard moments like when we walked across Bamburgh beach at sunset, watching as the sea turns the same pinks as the sky, and sitting on the top of High Cliff in Crackington, Cornwall, where we picnicked as peregrine falcons hovered overhead.

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The Family-friendly attractions

Wherever you travel in Britain, there are a wealth of attractions geared towards families, from Dartmoor Wildlife Park, which we learn was the inspiration for the recent Hollywood movie We Bought a Zoo, to surfing on the beaches of Cornwall where you can book family tuition and searching for Nessie on Scotland’s Loch Ness – the possibilities are endless.

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The entertainment

From the hi-di-hi –esque nobbly knees competitions of decades gone by to the slick shows at holiday parks today, you can’t beat a traditional British holiday for providing the fun factor. Our two little ones love the entertainment at our usual Park Dean resorts, where resident cuddly characters Sid and Lizzie run clubs and help the children put on a talent show. It gives them a chance to make new friends, me some vital relaxation time, and we’ve all got lots to talk about when we come together later in the day.

Image credit: Park Dean
Image credit: Park Dean

The convenience

While it can be impossible fitting in everything you need and still meet airline weight restrictions, staycationing means you can simply throw everything into the car and set off. Along with our suitcases, we’ve taken kites to fly on the beach, a paddling pool to put outside our holiday home in a heatwave, and we’ve strapped our bikes to the back so we could do a bit of pedal-powered sightseeing when we arrived at our destination – all things we would have had to do without if we’d flown abroad.

Katie is an aspiring travel blogger from Yorkshire who loves taking her family on adventures to new places. These are just a few of the reasons why she finds staycations are so attractive – and the more they take, the more reasons they find for continuing their travel adventures at home as well as abroad.

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