DisneyLife is the new digital membership service that is simply amazing, if you’re a Disney fan like The Constants. We watch Disney all the time, TV episodes and movies and with DisneyLife we can find it all in one place for just one fee per month. Another great thing about DisneyLife is that you can watch in on your laptop, Apple TV (via AirTime) apple devices and android devices as there is a really user friendly app – you can literally watch it anywhere. 

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Up until a year or so ago, we literally had to axe our TV channels as we spent so much money just to get the Disney channels and up until a month ago we had subscriptions to other internet TV accounts too: just to get Disney movies and episodes. All the children want to do is watch Disney movies, whether that be the short movies or classics and they love checking out the new movies coming up too. When we heard about DisneyLife it made me think, well firstly, wow, but also I can now just have one subscription. 

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It is so easy to use, Isla is 3 and a half, she can use it without any help. I had to explain to her about the different sections and where to press the buttons, but then she was away. She loved the Disney Princess section in the movies, it was the first port of call. We watched Frozen Fever about twenty times and then we took a trip down memory lane and watched some of the old classics. 

My earliest Disney memory is from when I was about 5, I went round my best friends house and her Mum had got The Little Mermaid on VHS. I remember watching it in amazement and wishing I could be Ariel. I love the songs and to this day I sing it to the kiddies, pretending to be Ariel swimming up to the surface of the ocean. It makes me feel happy. It brings back those nostalgic feelings of childhood, my family and just singing merrily away, all day. Isla is just a mini me, she sings Frozen to her hearts content and at the moment Hakuna Matata is also a good favourite. And you know what Hakuna Matata means… no worries! 

Signing up to DisneyLife

It is really easy to sign up, all you need to do is go to DisneyLife and sign in with your existing Disney store account (if you have one, which I am assuming you have) or you can easily create a new one. And guess what, you get a free month too… You can sign up here: disneylife.com/join

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There are so many movies, did you know as well as the Disney classics, there are mini movies, TV shorts and family favourites like 101 Dalmatians with scary Cruella Da Ville. Isla was a little frightened about her and she cried at the end of the film. Disney bring these stories to life. I love their films so much. After viewing the clips of The Good Dinosaur, I really can’t wait to see it at the cinema – it looks great. And if you haven’t already, you have to watch Inside Out, it is so clever and taught me a lot about my brain. So funny. 

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TV Shows

 The children have been huge fans of Disney Junior since they were teeny and I love the fact that Noah now has access to Disney XD as he is growing up (although I wish he was Peter Pan) and he is looking forward to watching some of the box sets on offer. 

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The main point to make here is that you can download the Frozen soundtrack, stream it through Apple TV and sing around your lounge at your hearts content to Frozen, with the children of course. It is so much fun. I wish I could put this on in the car, but besides that we love listening to the soundtracks of the movies we have watched. There are a lot of albums to choose from: The Lion King soundtrack to the Pirates of the Caribbean. You can download the music to your phone/tablet too, which is perfect for when you have no signal in areas, you can download by tapping the arrow in the top right corner. 



I love Disney books, just as much as I love the Disney Classics. The stories are just captivating and you can read them everyday – they just don’t get old. There is an amazing TinkerBell story, Pixie Hollow bake off, which Isla enjoyed listening to you. It shows you what word you are on which is great for Isla’s reading development. 

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Just one thing to note you can only access the books and apps from the app version of DisneyLife, they do not seem to be available via the website just yet. 


From the apps on your iPhone or android device you have access to some fantastic Disney apps for free. Each month DisneyLife lets you download an app from the list, for free. Its really easy to do, choose the app you like, sign in to the AppStore and confirm the code to redeem the app. We chose Disney’s frozen interactive storybook. Of course. Isla loves it. I cannot wait to get the next app. They are great for long car journeys or passing 15 minutes and having some quiet time. 


Is it child friendly? 

Yes, not only from the aspect of easy to use but also from the perspective that you can set parental settings so you have ease of mind that they cannot watch anything that is too old for them, or be online late at night. You can restrict all these things, per account. 

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So for only £9.99 a month, why are you waiting? Visit www.DisneyLife.com and sign up for your free trial month and make sure you have plenty of time to watch all the movies on your list.

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018